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E-catering Food coupons and offers

Who doesn't enjoy exploring diverse food choices while travelling on trains? Thanks to technological advancements in the last few decades, enjoying restaurant food from “ECatering on train” platforms is now feasible on Railways. Moreover, people also search IRCTC food coupons online to order rail food for train travel.

Food on train coupon codes are a welcome relief for most travellers as they make your railway journey more affordable. So, no wonder food on track coupon codes is one of the most searched queries on the internet.

ECatering App, powered by RailRestro, offers IRCTC food order coupons to train passengers.

RailRestro is a well-reputed train ECatering and railway enquiry platform that firmly believes in delivering the most affordable and convenient services to train travellers. Hence, rail food coupons offer to reduce some burden on your wallet when you book meals through the ECatering App.

ECatering App provides IRCTC food offers for discounts on group orders too! People may take a group journey for different purposes, such as business trips and marriage ceremonies. In addition, we take care of all your special dietary requirements.

Exclusive Discounts with Railyatri Food Coupons on ECatering App

India's rich cultural diversity allows us to enjoy multiple festivals around the year. It also leads to a heavy rush on the Indian railways with people travelling from workplaces or college to their hometowns.

ECatering App's IRCTC rail food offer coupons to help you fetch discounts from top-rated restaurants throughout India. We keep adding more smiles to the life of train travellers through these railway food coupon codes and cashback. This simple gesture helps us to forge long-term relationships with the users.

You can select from multiple rail food coupons on the ECatering App while ordering on-train food for an additional discounted cashback or a deduction from the bill.

How to Avail of Discounts with ECatering App's Food on Trains Offers

Indian Railways passengers can access the ECatering service from the web browser or download the ECatering App powered by RailRestro from the google play store.

Here's a rundown of steps to avail of discounts on booking your meal using train food order offers:

  1. Open the ECatering App's interface.
  2. Enter PNR Number details and check the extensive food menu available.
  3. Please choose your desired food items and add them to your cart.
  4. Move toward the checkout section, and you will get your final bill
  5. Apply the suitable railway ECatering coupon code
  6. Choose your desired payment option
  7. Relax! We will deliver the food parcel to your desired station.

ECatering App IRCTC Food Coupons at a Glance

A list of irctc food offers on the ECatering App is given below:

BIGHUNGERFEST - Get 10% off on your train food orders.

RRAPP35 - Avail of flat Rs 35/- off on your first online food order from the App.

FREEDELIVERY - Grab free delivery on all your train food orders.

MYGROUP - Receive 15% off on group orders above 1500.

BITE30 - Obtain Rs.30 off on your train food orders (applicable once per user)

Are you looking for tasty and affordable meal options for train journeys? ECatering App offers huge discounts through IRCTC food coupons on a delectable range of food on train orders. Download the App now!


1. Do we get free food in 2nd AC?

Ans: Meal service is optional in every class of travel, including second AC, on high-end trains, including the Rajdhani, Duronto, and Shatabdi Express. ThECatering cost is added to a passenger's fare if they eat.

The ECatering App allows a convenient method to book food on trains using your ticket PNR, without paying any booking charge and have it delivered to your seat in the 2nd AC. The ECatering service, powered by RailRestro, also provides railway food coupon codes to help you save some more money on your food booking.

2. Is food included in the 3rd AC ticket?

Ans: In deluxe trains such as Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Duronto, etc., travellers of all classes, including 3rd AC, can pre-select meals for the journey. On other trains, you can purchase tasteless food from railway pantries or put up with unsuitable station food.

Enjoy a range of cuisines on most Indian trains by ordering meals from the ECatering App using your PNR number. Your order is promptly shipped to your train berth at the designated stop. Make sure to apply rail food coupons for additional savings.

3. In which train is free food provided?

Ans: If luxury trains like the Rajdhani, Shatabdi, or Duronto Express, etc., experience a delay of up to two hours, passengers are entitled to free meals from the Indian Railways. It is usually observed during certain occasions like important Indian festivals.

The ECatering App, powered by RailRestro, provides a no-cost food delivery service for almost all passenger trains in India. You can order from a comprehensive range of food items and receive them at your berth. The ECatering provider has collaborations with over 2000 fine dining eateries throughout India. The food sourced from partner restaurants is reasonably priced.

4. Which is best to order food on trains?

Ans: The ECatering App, powered by RailRestro, is best for ordering food on trains. Catering to more than 7000 trains at 450 plus stations, this ECatering giant offers a variety of quality meals at affordable costs to travellers. The ECatering App has always lived up to the industry standards while serving millions of travellers daily.

5.  Which train provides food with tickets?

Ans: Food is included in your ticket price on premium trains like the Rajdhani, Shatabdi, or Duronto, in case you opt for it. On most other trains, food is not included in the ticket price nor available on board.

The RailRestro-powered ECatering App offers free meal delivery on practically all trains. You can choose from various food options and have them delivered straight to your berth.