What does your eating style tell about you
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What Does Your Eating Style Tell About You?

You can tell a lot about a fellow’s character by his way of eating jellybeans – Ronald Reagan.

Our eating style divulges a great deal about our personality. Unfortunately, most of us are oblivious to this fact. Moreover, experts in food behaviour maintain that our eating habits directly affect our actions. If you want to give out a fitting impression in public, you should be mindful of how your eating habits reflect your personality.

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Know Your Personality Type According to Your Eating Style

When trying to make a good impression, we pay careful attention to our body language, politeness, and conversation, but we tend to overlook our eating habits. A 20-year study found a correlation between personality traits and eating habits. Your eating style includes how you pick up utensils, use your fingers, consume food, and sit while eating. So, how you consume food tells a lot about who you are as an individual.

Here are ten eating styles to give you an idea of your personality traits depending on your eating habits.

The Slow Eater


If you're the one who's already done eating and waiting for the other person, their slow speed could be among the most frustrating aspects about them. On the other hand, those who aren't in a hurry to finish their food want to take their time and savour each bite. They always do this, whether at work or home, and it causes them to frequently misjudge the passage of time. Moreover, their colleagues may become impatient waiting for them to complete one task before moving on to the next.

The Quick Eater


You’re multitaskers who can eat and be done in 5 minutes, which is quite impressive. People who eat quickly seldom miss a deadline and often arrive in plenty of time. They are always in a rush and fiercely competitive, so they will inevitably miss out on some of the most memorable events of their own life. They may be so preoccupied with meeting their responsibilities that they neglect their own needs.

The Choosy Eater


It's highly uncommon for a picky eater to place an order at a restaurant before enquiring about the menu or asking to have certain components added or subtracted. These individuals are secure in their established routines and shudder at the thought of venturing outside their safety zones. They avoid taking chances and only accept positions in fields where they feel confident. Nonetheless, they are curious and open to new information, so they quickly inquire and expand their knowledge.

The Organised Eater


This group becomes quite upset if any items on their plates get mixed. They are highly effective at their jobs because they are meticulous about maintaining order and control. Since they despise chaos, their home will likely be immaculate. If things don't go as planned, they may experience severe anxiety and have to make sacrifices for their good.

The Social Eater


To eat like a mixer, one must blend together all food on one's plate and then take a bite with elements from each item. People like this are social and approachable and enjoy wearing many hats at work. They are committed to their professions, but they know how to strike the right balance in their personal and work lives. However, their propensity to multitask might often leave them exhausted and forgetful due to the additional workload.

The Daring Eater


You fit into this group if you're the diner who always looks for the outlandish menu item. These people aren't afraid to fail and enjoy taking risks. They are so eager to experience new things that they will say "yes" to everything, no matter how absurd the proposition may seem. They are never considered dull, and many people look up to them for their courage and willingness to take chances. But they should be cautious about pressuring others to act as adventurously as they do.

The Isolationist Eater


People who prefer to savour each bite of their meal and then continue to the next are represented here. People with this trait give great consideration to every decision they make since they are so focused on the finer points. Because of this, they are often lauded for their achievements and considered model workers in their fields. They pick up on nuances that the rest of us overlook. However, they must be patient with those who don't work the same way.

The Carefree Eater


Sitting at a table with someone who chews loudly and talks about having food in their mouth is one of life's greatest frustrations. The carefree ones are uninhibited and approachable and hardly bother what others perceive of them. They have an easygoing attitude in life and never fret about the tiniest problems. They may struggle to make friends due to their tendency to spill everything.

The Demanding Eater


It's rude when someone always expects they can have part of your fries when you go out to eat, but it's also regarded as a little selfish to refuse to share your food. Such individuals might become possessive and arrogant, demanding their way at all times. Usually, they are very young children who have never been told "no." However, when they are with individuals they care about, they are polite and affectionate.

The Independent Eater


Offering meals to people around you reflect well on you, but failing to do so can send the wrong message about who you are. It could give the impression that you're too greedy or selfish to share and would rather keep everything for yourself. However, to someone tolerant of different points of view, you may seem like a strong personality who does not believe in serving food only to show kindness. Very few people may value you for being yourself.

To sum up, the types of food we prefer and how we eat them are determined by our fundamental personality qualities rather than by our appetites. How well do the traits associated with your preferred eating style and your personality match up?

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