7 vegetarian dishes to order in train during Diwali journey
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7 Vegetarian Dishes to Order in Train during Diwali Journey

Diwali is the festival of light, a victory of good over evil, and a treasure trove of unique flavours. With the onset of the festive season, many begin their trip back home. After all, festive celebrations are best observed with family and friends! But you do not need to be homesick while on board the train this Diwali. Now order several delectable food items online from e-catering services and start your Diwali celebration right from the beginning of your train journey.

Vegetarian Dishes To Order In Train During Diwali

Train journeys can be difficult if you forget to bring your favourite vegetarian foods. More so, with festivals round the corner, you may crave delicious meals and snacks on board. You can order and relish vegetarian dishes mentioned below on the train during Diwali. Some of these items can be taken while being on a fast, too. 


Crispy and spicy Samosa is everyone’s favourite and a universal Indian snack. Samosa is stuffed with mashed potatoes, paneer, peas, etc., for a crispy and spicy flavour. If you are travelling by train during Diwali, you can order delicious Samosa and have a good time on the train. It will brighten your mood and enhance your festive feelings.


While travelling, you need something nutritious and healthy to keep your energy level up during the train ride. You can order Kheer, which comes with numerous health benefits. Kheer is cooked in varieties of styles. It can be made of rice, Sabudana or Makhana. And the good thing is that all these varieties are available on e-catering websites.

A variation of Kheer is Phirni, a delicious mixture of milk and rice pudding with pistachio, elaichi, and other dry fruits. Order it online on the train and enjoy it while taking in the beautiful scenarios through your seat window. It is purely a sattvic dish you can order easily via the E-catering app.


Can you imagine Diwali without Gujiya? Absolutely not! This dish perfectly combines sweet and creamy flavour with a sweet filling of dry fruits, khoya, coconut and sugar. You can order Gujiya online if you are travelling by train. If your loved ones are accompanying you, place an order for them also because they will love it. Also, you can order food in train to kill your hunger. It complements your sweet tooth. 

Kuttu Dosa

Here comes another Diwali special dish prepared from Kuttu atta or buckwheat flour that is high in nutritional value. Buckwheat flour also induces a cleansing effect on the body. It comes with no saturated fats and is known for keeping appetite under control while travelling. Apart from that, Kuttu Atta is enriched with magnesium, vitamin E and protein, which are important components of a sattvic diet. You can order an assortment of dishes like Dosa and Halwa made from Kuttu Atta when travelling by train. Try it without thinking too much and make your trip extra enjoyable.

Sooji Halwa

Whatever the occasion may be, nothing can beat the traditional Indian dessert, Sooji halwa. Sooji halwa is a delicious blend of sugar, milk and sooji and will give you Diwali vibes while sitting on the train. It will enhance your energy and help you stay refreshed.

You can order Sooji halwa on the train online through e-catering providers. It will get delivered to your seat fresh.

Gulab jamun

Does not the name alone make your mouth water? Soft and delicious Gulab jamun balls are made from sugar, cardamom powder, rose water, khoya and milk. Any celebration is incomplete without Gulab Jamun. Besides, it is even more fun to devour the Gulab Jamun balls on the train. Have them brought to your seat by ordering online. You can consider including Gulab Jamun in your sattvic diet, too.


If you are a native of the Deccan states like Gujarat, Maharashtra and Konkan region, you must be familiar with the crispy snack, Murukku. This South Indian snack is crispy, spicy and delicious. Deep-fried in ghee, it helps keep your festive spirits high. The main ingredients, rice flour and urad dal flour are blended together to prepare Murukku. It is similar to Chakli, another deep-fried snack made from lentil flour.

You can order either of them and celebrate your homecoming with delicious twists on the train.

From Where To Order Vegetarian Dishes On Train

Now that you have learned about these delicious dishes, you’ll look forward to ordering one of them on the train. Here is a list comprising some of the best online catering apps you can use to order food on the train during your Diwali trip:

Pantry foods available on a train may spoil your Diwali vibes. Besides, they may be unhygienic, too. Now it is time to bid goodbye to the monotonous pantry food items and order your special Diwali dishes on the train through these apps. They are experts at delivering food on time on the desired platform. Besides, the foods offered are hygienic and delectable. With your desired food on train cuisine make your trip even more enjoyable.

How To Order Food Online On The Train

As technology has advanced, you can order food on the train online by going through the website or downloading the app. You can also order your food via WhatsApp and track it through Google maps. E-catering sites offer you a diversity of cuisines on the train. You can also pre-book food from a meal on train service before boarding via the E-catering app. 

Just keep your PNR and seat number handy, select the app you want, choose your favourite dish, pay for it and have it delivered to your seat. You can consider the cash on delivery payment alternative depending on terms and conditions of individual apps.

Diwali is not just a one-day festival. The festive mood keeps you captivated for several days. Many people go on train journeys during festivals. Hence, staying hydrated and energised all day, even during travelling, is necessary. Train journeys can be long, too, so why not kill the monotony while on board with some delicious distractions?

Make your journey exciting with mouth-watering food in train dishes from the E-catering app and keep the mood alive.

Happy Diwali!

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