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Train Catering: 5 Best Tea Varieties to Order on Indian Railways

Train catering in India is an experience in itself, especially regarding tea. The hot cup of tea served on Indian Railways has become an integral part of train journeys, providing passengers with a refreshing break from the monotony of travel. With a plethora of tea varieties available, it can be overwhelming to choose one. 

This article highlights the top 5 tea varieties to order on Indian Railways, providing a guide to make your train journey memorable.

The Importance of tea during train journeys

The aroma and taste of tea create a pleasant atmosphere, making train journeys more relaxing and enjoyable. Tea also helps maintain hydration levels during the journey, providing numerous health benefits. Overall, tea plays a significant role in enhancing the train travel experience in India.

Top 5 Tea Varieties to Order on Indian Railways

Train travel in India is incomplete without a hot cup of tea, and Indian Railways is known for serving some of the best teas in the country. Choosing the perfect cup for your journey can be challenging with various tea options. Here are the top 5 tea varieties to order on Indian Railways that will provide a refreshing break during your train journey.


Masala Chai

Masala Chai is a popular tea variety in India, known for its rich, spicy flavour. It uses a blend of black tea, milk, and spices like ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves. Masala chai is known to boost immunity, aid digestion, and relieve stress, making it the perfect tea to order during a long train journey.


Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is another popular tea variety in India, known for its medicinal properties. It uses ginger root and black tea, providing a warm and spicy flavour. Ginger tea is known to soothe sore throats, alleviate nausea, and aid digestion, making it an excellent choice for train travel.


Cardamom Tea

Cardamom tea is a refreshing tea variety that is popular in South India. It uses green tea leaves and cardamom pods, providing a unique and flavorful taste. Cardamom tea is known to improve digestion, freshen breath, and reduce anxiety, making it an ideal choice for train journeys.


Lemon Tea

Lemon tea is a refreshing tea variety popular for its citrusy flavour. It is made using black tea and lemon juice, providing a tangy and refreshing taste. Lemon tea is known to boost immunity, aid digestion, and provide a natural source of Vitamin C, making it a perfect tea to order during train travel.


Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is a popular tea variety in India, known for its numerous health benefits. It is made using a variety of herbs and spices like chamomile, peppermint, and lemongrass, providing a refreshing and flavorful taste. Herbal tea is known to promote relaxation, aid digestion, and reduce stress, making it an ideal tea to order during a long train journey.

Why Order Food on a Train Using a Train Food App?

Travelling by train in India can be an enjoyable experience, but finding good food on board can be a challenge. The pantry cars on the train often offer substandard quality food, and getting off the train to buy food from local vendors is not a wise option. This is where online train catering apps come in, offering numerous benefits to make your train journey more enjoyable.

The top reasons why you should use an online train food delivery app are described below:

Group Food Ordering

You can order food in bulk for your entire group using an online train food delivery app, making the process easier and more efficient.

Pre-booking of Meals

With an online train food delivery app, you can book your meal before boarding the train, saving you the hassle of weak internet connectivity.

Diverse Food Options

Train food apps offer diverse food options to order on the train, from North Indian cuisine to sweet delicacies and Chinese recipes. This enhances the journey’s fun and satisfies the passengers’ taste buds.

Methods to Order from Train Food Delivery Apps?

Following is a step-by-step detail on how to order food online:

  • Open the E-catering App or another online train food portal.
  • Navigate to the “Food Order” tab.
  • Enter your PNR number.
  • Select your boarding station and delivery station.
  • Browse the food menu to choose the items you want to order.
  • Enter your name, mobile number, and seat number.
  • Add any special dietary requirements, if necessary.
  • Proceed with payment.
  • Once your payment is through, you will obtain an SMS and email with your order details.
  • Sit back and relax! Your order will be brought to your seat at the designated delivery station.
  • You can also monitor your order on the IRCTC food app.

Online train food apps have made train journeys more comfortable by providing nutritious and tasty food right to your seat. Tea is an important aspect of train journeys in India, serving as a source of comfort and refreshment for passengers. The hot cup of tea served by the train catering staff provides a much-needed break from the long and tiring journey, providing a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

The E-catering App is one of the most advanced train food delivery apps, delivering on over 10,000 trains in India. They collaborate with FSSAI-registered restaurants to offer a wide variety of food options to satisfy the cravings of passengers. Plus, they offer great discounts on food orders. 

Install the Ecatering App today to make your train journey more enjoyable by satisfying your hunger simultaneously.

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