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Top 10 Bihari Sweets You Can Order From Train Food Apps

Located in the east of India, Bihar is a state with a rich culinary tradition. Its cuisine reflects its diverse culture, geography, and history. To explore Bihar, the best means of transportation is by train. A train journey can lead you to the interior of Bihar and let you explore a civilization that has thrived for thousands of years.

Travelling in Bihar by train can be an interesting experience. The rich local cuisine and sweet delicacies make travelling by train so enjoyable, which can be easily ordered from e-catering apps. Train food app help you order local delicacies from all over the country, including Bihar, and offer amazing dining experiences on trains.

Flavourful Sweets of Bihar to Order using a Train Food App



Khaja is a crispy, layered sweet made with flour and sugar syrup. Having roots in Silao in Bihar, Khaja is now popular all over India. You can try this sweet while travelling on the train by ordering from an online catering service.



It’s among the most well-liked sweets prepared with wheat flour, jaggery, and coconut. It is usually made on the auspicious Chhath Puja festival, a native festival of Bihar. You can relish Thekua by ordering from an online train food app.



Balushahi is a mouthwatering sweet made with flour, sugar, and ghee. E-catering service providers deliver fresh Balushahi right to your seat on trains. 



Nothing can beat the flavourful Malpua when it comes to sweets. Malpua is a sweet pancake with flour, milk, and sugar syrup. Order Malpua on the train using the train food app and make your journey sweeter.


Til Barfi

How about relishing the mouthwatering Til Barfi? Til Barfi is a sweet made with sesame seeds and jaggery. Til Barfi is usually consumed during winter as it provides essential nutrients to keep you warm.



The gourmet journey of a foodie is incomplete without trying yummy Lai. Made with rice flour and jaggery, a ball of Lai is enough to melt your heart.



Do you have a sweet tooth? Then, the local Bihar sweet Anarsa is made for you. Anarsa is a sweet made with rice flour, jaggery, and sesame seeds. You can enjoy Anarsa if you are travelling to Bihar during the Diwali festival.



How about relishing one of the tastiest Indian sweets, Khurma? Khurma is a sweet made with flour, sugar, and ghee. Its crispy texture will make you crave for more of this delectable sweet.



If your love language is food, Gaja should be your expression. Made with flour and sugar syrup, Gaja is a very popular sweet in Bihar and is often prepared for special occasions.


Chena Murki

The story of the sweets of Bihar is incomplete without mentioning Chena Murki. Prepared by boiling cottage cheese in sugar syrup, Chena Murki seems like bliss on a plate. 

Why Order Food on Train Using a Train Food App

Dining is a major issue while travelling on the train. The food offered by the pantry cars on the train is of substandard quality. Additionally, getting off the train to buy food from local vendors is not wise. Booking food from an online train food delivery app is the best idea in such scenarios. Online train food services offer numerous amazing dining options, making your journey more entertaining.

Some of the best food services offered by the train food app are:

Group Food Ordering

You can order food in bulk for the whole group on the train using an online train food delivery app.

Pre-booking of Meal

Using an online train food delivery app, you can book your meal before boarding the train. It saves you from the confusion caused by weak internet connectivity on trains.

Diverse Food Options

Train food apps enhance the fun of the journey by offering diverse food options to order on the train. You can order North Indian cuisine, sweet delicacies, Chinese recipes, etc.

How to Order Food on the Train Online

  • Open an online train food portal like E-catering App.
  • Navigate to the “Food Order” tab.
  • Enter your PNR number.
  • Select your boarding station and delivery station.
  • Go through the food menu to pick the items you want to order.
  • Enter your name, mobile number, and seat number.
  • Add special dietary requirements, if any.
  • Proceed with payment.
  • Once your payment gets through, you will receive an SMS and email with your order details.
  • Now, sit back and relax! Your food will be brought to your seat at the designated delivery station.

Additionally, you can also track your order on the IRCTC food app.

Online train food apps have made train journeys more comfortable. It has resolved the major issue of dining on trains by providing nutritious and tasty food to your seat. Interestingly, train food apps operate across the many major stations in India.

The E-catering App has emerged as the most advanced train food delivery app, allowing delivery on more than 10,000 trains in India. Besides collaborations with FSSAI-registered restaurants to take care of the food cravings of passengers, the E-catering App also features great discounts on food orders. Install the app today to make your train journey more entertaining by satisfying your cravings simultaneously.

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