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What Are Alternatives of Swiggy For Food Delivery in Trains?

Are you searching for services like Zomato or Swiggy for food delivery in trains to indulge in your favourite cuisine while on a train trip? Unfortunately, these online food ordering platforms do not deliver food in trains. Instead, you can enjoy an amazing and memorable dining experience while travelling by train using online train catering platforms. 

Train ECatering apps like RailRestro Food on Track, RailMitra, etc., are excellent alternatives of Swiggy for food delivery in trains. Using these services, you can order varieties of meals, customise your order, and pay online.

Train ECatering Services on Indian Railways

Train journeys are exhilarating! As you look outside the train window, you’re greeted with stunning views of lush greenery, soaring mountains, and serene rivers. When your favourite dishes are laid out on your tray table, their aroma wafting to your nose, making your mouth water with anticipation. 

Online food booking services offer a convenient and hassle-free way for train passengers to orde food delivery on trains. These online ecatering platforms offer various food options from popular restaurants, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, beverages, and desserts. Passengers can easily book their meals using their PNR number and have their food delivered directly to their seats.

Features of the Best ECatering Alternatives of Swiggy for Food Delivery in Trains

Train ecatering services have established themselves as must-try alternatives of Swiggy for food delivery in trains. They cater to all your dining needs perfectly. Some of their beneficial features are:

Convenient Packaging

Railway food booking portals are familiar with the environment of a train, making them a more convenient option for travellers. They serve you the best food in better packaging that goes well with the train journey.

Hygienic Food Preparation

IRCTC food booking services ensure that the food is hygienic, freshly prepared, and promptly delivered to the passengers’ seats.

Customisation of Meals

With the advent of e-catering portals, you can customise your food order as per your choices. You can send cooking instructions while ordering food to food outlet partners that follow the required instructions while preparing the food.

Reasonable Price

The prices of the meals offered by the IRCTC food booking service are reasonable, making it an affordable option for train travellers. Moreover, a train catering app offers delivery coupons that can be applied while paying for food online, making it more affordable.

Wide Variety of Meals

If you’re experiencing hunger cravings while travelling on a train, don’t worry! There is a better alternative to help you satisfy your hunger pangs. The IRCTC food booking service offers a wide range of options, including vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Jain foods, snacks, fast foods, etc.

Jain Food

Accessing Jain food while travelling is no longer a complex process, thanks to the IRCTC food booking service. The train catering app offers diverse Jain food selections, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts. The service ensures that Jain food is delivered to the passenger’s seat before sunset, making their journey comfortable and enjoyable.

Pre-booking Meals

Unlike other online food platforms, railway e-catering service providers let you book your meal in advance before boarding the train. Pre-booking of meals is a very convenient feature that ensures timely delivery of quality food at affordable prices. As the train arrives at the designated station, the pre-ordered meal is delivered to your seat by the delivery person.

Bulk Meal Order

Online train food services offer the benefit of ordering food for a group at a time. You can order different combinations of food as per the preferences of your group. It lets you save time and take care of everyone’s needs.

To place a bulk food order, you should fill out an enquiry form on an ecatering app and present a detailed list of all your food needs.

How to Order Food from Top Alternatives of Swiggy for Food Delivery in Trains 

Ordering food using a train catering service is a very easy process that involves just a few steps.

  • Open an online railway food booking service.
  • Enter your PNR number or train details.
  • Select the food outlet and items you want to order.
  • Apply coupon codes and give additional instructions, if any.
  • Proceed to the check-out page.
  • When you finish your payment, your order verification will be confirmed and shared with your order ID.
  • Meanwhile, you can track your food using this order ID number.
  • Food is shipped to your train seat when the train arrives at the designated station.

You can also order food using the dedicated WhatsApp number. If you experience any concerns with the food orders, you can contact the dedicated helpline, which is available 24 hours a day.

Railway ecatering services have brought about a remarkable change in how people travel on trains. These online services eliminate the need to step out of the train at every stop to find food or carry home food. Travellers can now order food on the go because Railway food delivery services are accessible across the major stations in India.

Are you thinking of alternatives of Swiggy for food delivery in train? Go for the Ecatering App and have a joyful mealtime while on the train.

FAQs on Swiggy Food delivery in Train

Q1.   How does Swiggy food delivery in train work?
Ans. Actually, Swiggy doesn't deliver food on train. But, you can use its alternatives such as RailRestro or Ecatering app to get Swiggy food delivery in train.

Q2.   Does Swiggy deliver on a train?
Ans. No, Swiggy is unserviceable on train. Use Ecatering App if you want to get food delivery on train. You can call Ecatering Team at 8102202203 or visit their website/download their app.

Q3.   How do I get food delivery on a train?
Ans. To get food delivery on a train you just need to enter your PNR or Train details on RailRestro App, Select on-route station, Select items which you want to order in train, and proceed to the payment page.

Q4.   Can we order food in train from Zomato or Swiggy?
Ans. No, as Zomato or Swiggy both are unserviceable on train. Use the Ecatering app or RailRestro App to order food in train.

Q5.   How To Order Food In Train From Swiggy?
Ans. Swiggy doesn't deliver food on train. But you can use its alternatives such as RailRestro or Ecatering app to get swiggy food delivery in train.

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