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Score Big Savings with E Catering Coupon First Order in Train

Train journeys are the most prominent mode of transport in India. Thousands of trains run in India every day, carrying lakhs of passengers. Travelling by train is quite a thrilling experience. We have lots of time to spend, so we also need a good food supply. We can get food from the pantry car in trains, but that comes with a compromised taste and quality. Fortunately, IRCTC has launched many online food apps that deliver hot, and fresh food on the train.

Railway ecatering services have enhanced the comfort of train journeys. These online food portals operate across all the major railway stations in India. They have collaborated with thousands of restaurants to deliver the best food right to your seat. The best thing about these food apps is that they let you save valuable money by offering different discount coupons. For example, the E Catering Coupon First Order presents you with lucrative discounts on your first order on the train.

Coupons Offered by Railway Food Apps

E catering Coupon First Order

E-catering apps let you score significant savings with captivating deals. Usually, when ordering food on the train for the first time, people remain sceptical. Train food delivery apps offer a lucrative discount on your first order to win your trust. Using this coupon, you can avail yourself of a massive rebate while ordering food with your registered mobile number.

You can follow the prescribed steps to use the “E Catering Coupon First Order Coupon” on a train.

  • Open the train food app.
  • Enter your PNR number. You can also choose alternative food ordering methods, like entering your train number or calling the E-catering services.
  • Pick out what you’d want to eat from the menu. 
  • Specify which stop you’d like your food sent to.
  • Proceed to the payment page. While checking out, use the coupon code to get the discount.

Benefits of Using Coupons on First Food Order

  • The coupon can offer you a flat 35 % off on your meal.
  • Getting a fresh and hot meal at a discounted rate will simplify your future train journeys by winning your trust.

As the train reaches the desired station, you can enjoy your meal at a discounted rate.

Bulk Food Order Coupon

Online Food Services also offers other mind-blowing coupons you can use while ordering food on the train. If you are travelling with your friends or family members, it means lots of fun is also accompanying you all. Getting your favourite food delivered on the train can add to the fun. You can now book a group meal for everyone using online railway catering apps

Online food delivery apps offer discount coupons on group food orders, too. To order a bulk meal, you need to call the enquiry number available on the food app. Your order will be taken and delivered on time.

Here are the necessary details for placing a bulk food order in trains. 

  • A PNR number
  • The train and coach numbers
  • The station’s name and code for food delivery
  • The number of food items
  • Types of food items
  • Other cooking instructions you want to add

After going through these steps, you can use the “Group Food Order Coupon” to get 15% off on your favourite meals. Be mindful that the order should be above rupees 1500.

Free Delivery of Meal

Though it is not a direct coupon, it helps save you valuable money. When you order food on a train, it is delivered free of charge. That is, no extra charges are applicable except for the price of the food.

Other Services Offered by Train Food Apps

Hygienic Cooking Conditions

Substandard food from pantry cars can spoil your travelling mood. It can be unhygienic, too. The train food app offers healthy food options on the train. Restaurants linked to a food app follow the strict guidelines directed by FSSAI while preparing the food. Contactless delivery is ensured to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Additionally, food is packaged in a way that prevents leaks.

Multiple Varieties of Food Options

Train food apps break the monotony of train journeys. Everyone gets excited when they get their favourite meal. You can order multiple varieties of cuisine on the train using a food delivery app. You can opt for Chinese cuisine, Indian platters, pizza, momo, Jain food, etc. Online food portals offer all these food options on the train.

User-friendly Features 

The online food delivery app comes in very handy during operations. All you need is your PNR number to book a meal on the train. Open the app, enter your PNR number, and proceed with the order. You can also call the railway caterers on an available contact number to order food. You can pay in your style as offline and online methods are accessible. It is recommended to keep your card details and UPI ID handy if paying online.

Trusted Delivery

E-catering food apps have made thousands of guaranteed delivery of food on trains. As the train reaches the desired station, the delivery person approaches you quickly. You don’t need to roam anxiously and be hungry; stay in your seat and get your food within minutes.

Pre-booking of Meal

Using the railway food apps, you can book your meal in advance, even before your journey begins. Usually, the internet connection on trains is terrible and causes hindrances in successfully ordering food. Pre-booking meals saves you from hasty placement.

Many food delivery apps deliver food on the train. These railway catering apps offer food services across 10,000+ trains all over India. They’re part of a massive chain that includes over 2,000 eateries. Additionally, all sanitary measures are kept in mind while cooking the food.

If you are considering travelling by train anytime soon, place a food order using the Ecatering App. The E-catering App offers you exceptional food services on the train. Moreover, it presents you with different methods of ordering food, using the PNR number, train number or directly calling the E-catering services. Be mindful of applying the “E catering Coupon First Order” to add stars to your journey.

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