RailRestro Ecatering app-best choice for food delivery in trains
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RailRestro Ecatering App: Best Choice for Food Delivery in Trains

Train journeys are an exciting and memorable experience for passengers, offering a unique way to explore new destinations and connect with different cultures while enjoying stunning views. They can be an excellent way to explore India's diverse and rich culinary culture. As a country with a rich culinary heritage, India has a vast range of regional and local cuisines, each with unique flavours, ingredients, and cooking techniques.

If you are looking for the best app to book food in train orders, you have come to the right place. Let's explore the best features and advantages of ordering food from the RailRestro ecatering app.

Railway ECatering Apps: An Overview

Indian Railways now allows you to order food from various e-catering services on trains. This helps you to order from a wider range of local and regional cuisines during train trips, enhancing your culinary experience. There are many online food ordering platforms that provide food delivery in trains.

However, the RailRestro ecatering app is one of the most appreciated food ordering apps among train travellers. It has user-friendly features and a simplified food ordering system to win your heart. Here's an overview of what makes the RailRestro ecatering app the best.

Why RailRestro ECatering App Is the Most Preferred Platform for Food Delivery on Trains 

Wide Range of Food Options

Food and scenic views are one of the most soothing combinations anyone aspires to. Online railway food apps offer a wide range of food options you can order and enjoy while travelling. It includes Italian dishes, Chinese cuisines, Indian recipes, etc.

Multiple Payment Options

The Railway online food app offers multiple payment options, including credit and debit cards, net banking, and mobile wallets, which makes it easy and convenient for you to make payments.

Hygienic and Fresh food

The railway food app ensures that the food is hygienic and fresh and follows strict quality control measures while preparing the food.

Customisable Meals

Online catering portals offer customisable meals to meet specific dietary requirements. You can choose meals and add special cooking instructions to meet your needs and preferences.

Easy Cancellation and Refund

The train food app allows you to cancel your order easily if there are any issues, like a train delay or cancellation. It offers a refund if you cancel your order within the specified time frame.

User-friendly Interface

Online train food ordering platforms have a user-friendly app and website, making browsing the food options easy, placing your order, and tracking your delivery. All you need to do to order food is download the best app to order food on trains and proceed as directed.

Dedicated Customer Support

Indian e-catering service provider offers 24/7 customer support. You can contact them anytime with any issues or concerns with your food order.

Quick Delivery

Online catering services ensure quick and timely delivery of food to your seat. As the train arrives at the designated station, a delivery person approaches you and delivers food directly to your seat.

What Other Dining Facilities Are Offered by the Online Train Food Apps?

Pre-ordering of Meals

Passengers can book their meals before the journey begins, making it stress-free. Pre-ordered meals are delivered on time to the designated station.

Group Food Order

Dining with a group of friends or family members on a train is one of the most unique experiences you can have. Railway food apps let you order meals in bulk and customise them per your preferences.

Jain Meals

Railway food apps provide access to pure Jain food in trains while travelling, making it easier for Jain travellers to maintain their dietary restrictions even while on the go.

Different Methods of Placing a Food Order on Train

The online catering app offers three ways to order food on a train. Follow the one most appropriate for you:

Using the PNR number

You can order food easily using your PNR number. A PNR number is a 10-digit unique number assigned to passengers after booking a ticket. Important details related to train travel are encrypted in the PNR number.

To order food using a PNR number, follow these steps:

     Open the Ecatering app powered  by RailRestro..

     Navigate to the "book food" option.

     Enter your PNR number.

     Choose the food you want to order and proceed with payment.

Using the Train Number

You can also book your meal using a train number or name. Follow these steps to order food using this method.

     Open railway catering platform.

     Navigate to the "book food" option.

     Click on the "train number" tab and proceed with the train number or name of the train.

Using WhatsApp

Interestingly, the online railway catering app also lets you order your food using WhatsApp. For this, you need to call the WhatsApp number on the app and proceed with the order.

The railway online food app delivers nutritious meals to more than 5000 trains and 600 cities in India. It partners with the best restaurants in each city to ensure that the food served to customers is high quality, making it the best app for food delivery in trains. Moreover, it ensures the timely delivery of food to customers.

If you're looking for the best app to order food in trains in India, try the RailRestro ecatering app today. Download the app now and enjoy your train journey with great food!

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