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How to Get Pure Veg Food in Trains from Haldiram's Restaurants?

Do you enjoy train travel and prefer only pure vegetarian food? Do you also crave Haldiram food in trains that are fresh, delicious and purely vegetarian? If yes, then read this article.

Finding strictly vegetarian cuisine on trains may be difficult for vegetarians travelling on the Indian Railways. Pantry car food often lacks hygiene, flavour, and satisfaction. You may have doubts about the condition of the food and the quality control measures adopted in its preparation. So, how can you obtain a satisfying vegetarian meal on a long train ride?

Fortunately, you can get vegetarian meals like those served at Haldiram's Restaurants via the ECatering App, supported by RailRestro. This blog will describe how you can get 100% vegetarian food like Haldiram's on a train trip through the ECatering App service. You'll also discover how this service can positively impact your trip experience.

Get Meals Similar to Haldiram's Food in Trains via the ECatering App

There is a vast selection of vegetarian options at Haldiram's, an Indian sweet, snacks, and restaurant chain. Traditional namkeens, candies, pastries, sherbets, and pickles are available alongside North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, and Continental fare. Haldiram uses only the finest ingredients in their goods, which are processed in a clean and sanitary environment.

With RailRestro's ECatering App service, you can order food served at reputable restaurants like Haldiram's along your train's route and have it delivered to your seat. Food ordered through the ECatering App website or app will be brought to your seat at any stop. You can monitor your order status and speak with a representative anytime. Railway travellers can choose from vegetarian meals that are at par with Haldiram Food delivery in Train.

The vegetarian selections on the ECatering App include thalis, paneer meals, dal variations, and vegetable curries. Chinese food, soups, and pieces of bread such as Tawa roti, naan, butter naan, Lachha Paratha, and butter roti are also available to passengers.

Why Opt for ECatering Services for Trains

Some advantages of using the ecatering platform to place an order for food like the ones sold at Haldiram's Restaurants are as follows:

  • Pure vegetarian options include dal makhani, paneer butter masala, chole bhature, idli sambar, dosa, hakka noodles, pizza, burgers, and more from a wide range of cuisines.
  • Delicious sweets and snacks, such as those offered at Haldiram's restaurants, including gulab jamun, rasgulla, kaju katli, bikaneri bhujia, aloo bhujia, samosa, kachori, and more, are available for your snacking pleasure.
  • You can place your order before your trip or on your travel day, based on your preference and food availability.
  • Pick your preferred mode amongst Cash on delivery and online payment.
  • Frequent coupon offers and discounts are accessible on your purchases.
  • The safety and cleanliness of the meals you receive will never be in question.

How to Book Pure Veg Food on Online Food Delivery Platforms

With RailRestro, travellers can easily find and order from restaurants that are conveniently located along their train's itinerary. Here's an overview:

  1. Open the ECatering App's website or mobile app.
  2. Mention the PNR or the train number to see a list of nearby restaurants and meals.
  3. Then choose the restaurant and menu item you desire, and submit your order digitally.
  4. Finally, pay online with a credit card or pay cash on delivery.
  5. RailRestro's delivery partners will ship the order to your train seat at the selected station.

How Do I Order Jain Food While Riding the Train?

Follow these instructions to order Jain cuisine from the luxury of your seat on the train:

  1. Go to the ECatering website or the Google Play Store to get the official app.
  2. Just type in your PNR or train number here to see what dining options are available during your trip.
  3. Choose the restaurant and the meal you want, and pick Jain cuisine.
  4. Pay for your meal in advance online or after the receipt of your food order(cash on delivery).

To guarantee that you receive genuine Jain cuisine when travelling, RailRestro only partners with FSSAI-approved, reputable eateries that provide Jain cuisine. RailRestro guarantees high standards, from carefully selecting Jain ingredients to meticulous care throughout the cooking process.

How to Check the Progress of My Order and Estimate Delivery Time?

Here's how to check on the whereabouts of your order and when it will arrive via the ECatering platform:

  1. Load the app or website on your mobile device or computer.
  2. Furnish your email address and password to access your account.
  3. Click "My Orders" and "Track This Order".
  4. You will view your order's current status and expected delivery date.

"You can also reach out to the ECatering App's support team with any inquiries or problems you may have about your order".

So, if you crave Haldiram food in trains on a future train trip, order vegetarian meals from RailRestro-backed ECatering App and experience similar culinary excellence.