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Pre-Book Your Meal in Train Before Boarding for Navratri Journey

Once again, it’s the time of the year when the streets will be decorated with mesmerizing pandals and people strolling on the roads for a glimpse of Maa Durga. The nine days Navratri celebration will begin soon. Apart from roads, a huge rush of passengers can be seen on trains who are planning to travel to their hometown. It is advised to pre-book your meals in train to avoid last-minute hassles. Moreover, you can order sattvic food from the Ecatering app that offers the best food during the Navratri train journey. Our 3000+ FSSAI-approved restaurants deliver food on 10000+ trains throughout India.

How to Pre-Book your meal in Train via E- Catering. app?

There are various steps following which passengers can pre-book their meal easily:

  • By Call
  • Website/App
  • Social Media
  • Contact Us Page

1. Via Call:

To place orders via phone calls, follow the below-given steps:

  • Get in touch with us at 810-220-2203 to order food on train online.
  • Inquire about the food options at your preferred station.
  • Make sure the executive has your PNR number so he or she can check the status of the train for you.
  • Decide which options are best for you and place your order.
  • Your food order will be booked immediately by the customer service department.
  • Upon placing an order, you will receive a confirmation message as well as an invoice via email.

2. Via the App/Website:

  • Download the E-Catering App or visit our official website.
  • Enter your PNR number
  • Select your station, restaurant, and food and add it to your cart
  • Place your order online
  • Optional payment methods: Cash on Delivery (COD) and Online
  • Payment (debit/credit cards, Internet banking, Paytm/PayUMoney)

3. Social Media:

Approximately 50% of Indian population has access to social networks by 2020, which is expected to rise up to 67% by 2025. With the penetration of social media in people’s lives, one can easily order food on train by tagging our social media profiles. You can follow us on the below-mentioned social channels.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram

4. Contact Us Page:

Passengers can also connect with us by visiting our contact us page. Fill up the boxes with the details required along with your query and wait for our representative to respond.

Why Should You Pre-Book Your Meal in Train?

We have heard about pre-booking movie tickets, train tickets, and flight tickets to avoid any unforeseen situations. Similarly, the E-Catering. app has started the service of pre-booking meals on the train. Here, passengers are allowed to book their favorite meal in advance; 1 month prior to the boarding date for group food orders (40% payment to be done in advance) and 3-4 days prior for individual orders.

Pre-booking meals in train has several benefits:

  • Pre-booking provides customers with a direct and obvious assurance that the food they receive will be freshly prepared for their specific session.
  • A pre-booked slot allows the kitchen team to operate more efficiently. Once per session, they enter the kitchen and cook all the items and quantities in one go. As a result, personal hygiene and facility sanitization are effectively managed.
  • A pre-booking system enables restaurant owners to prepare food in the quantities required. With the accessibility of customer pre-orders, there is no surplus cooking of food. Food waste is reduced as a result of this.
  • Pre-order food on the train system helps companies in staying ahead of the competition. Every day, millions of people travel by train. And network failure is common during a train journey. Pre-order food on the train system help in serving you better.

Ordering food ahead of time is a wise decision. Food is essential to train travel, and if you can get healthy, fresh, and hygienic food on board, why not do so? Order Navratri Special Vrat Thali from the and start enjoying the festival right from the train.

Fasting is one aspect of Navratri. And those who observe it, abstain from certain food groups in order to cleanse their body, mind, and soul. But even if you don’t fast ritually during Navratri, the Sattvic diet is one of the healthiest diets to try. The Navratri diet or Sattvic diet is more than just a vegetarian or plant-based diet. It is a nine-day diet based on Ayurvedic sattva principles that provide numerous health benefits.

Order sattvic food this Navratri on the train and enjoy your Navratri journey. While placing your order you can also ask our representative to customize your food order as per your requirement. If you are fasting during the journey, you can choose to order a special Navratri menu from our partner restaurants.

Happy Navratri!!

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