Nearest Railway Station to Shirdi and Pleasant Time to Visit
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Nearest Railway Station to Shirdi and Pleasant Time to Visit

In the serene landscape of Maharashtra, you will discover an enchanting pilgrimage site of Shirdi that attracts devotees from every corner of the nation. The divine shrine of Shri Sai Baba was a popular saint whose divine shrine lies at the heart of Shirdi. The city is a perfect spot not only from the religious aspect but also if you are a nature lover. 

If you are planning a trip to Shirdi with your friends or family, Indian Railways offers one of the most common and convenient ways to reach the destination. This blog will help you know about the ideal time to visit Shirdi, nearest railway stations, how to place food orders on trains by e catering apps so that you can immerse yourself in the scenic beauty and sacred abode of Sai Baba without worrying about your journey. 

Best Time to Plan Your Spiritual Journey to Shirdi

Winters are the most suitable time to visit Shirdi. The weather is pleasant and cool in the months between November to February which makes it ideal for exploring the city. The average temperature during winter varies from 10 degree to 30 degree Celcius. It is advisable to avoid visiting the city in the months of June to September as heavy monsoon rains might disrupt your travel plans. 

A Glimpse of Nearest Railway Stations Connecting from Shirdi

Shirdi has good connectivity with the major cities like Pune, Mumbai through multiple transportation modes like airways, railways and roadways. or cities like Mumbai, Pune etc. by road, airways and railways. The nearest railway stations to Shirdi makes the city all the more accessible for pilgrims and travellers from different parts of the country. Some of the nearest railway stations to Shirdi are :

Sainagar Shirdi Station (SNSI)

Sainagar Shirdi is the nearest railway station situated 3 km away from Shirdi Temple. Located in Shirdi, Maharashtra, it is a part of the South Central Railway Zone. It is the most preferred railway station for pilgrims and other travellers visiting Shirdi. Temple authorities provide buses at the station for a hassle-free journey to the temple. Major trains that arrive at Sainagar Shirdi Station are :

  • 22223 - Mumbai CST - Sainagar Shirdi Vande Bharata Express
  • 22601 - MGR Chennai Central - Sainagar Shirdi SF Express
  • 22894 - Howrah Sainagar Shirdi SF Express
  • 20857 - Puri Sainagar Shirdi Weekly SF Express
  • 16217 - Mysore Sainagar Shirdi Weekly Express

Kopargaon Railway Station (KPG)

Kopargaon Railway Station is another important railway station located 17 km away from the Shirdi Temple. The junction connects to the major cities across the nation. Pilgrims who are unable to find direct connectivity to Sainagar Shirdi Railway Station can travel by trains that arrive at Kopargaon Railway Station. Some of the major trains that arrive at Kopargaon Railway Station are :

  • 22687 - Mysuru Varanasi SF Express
  • 12131 - Dadar Sainagar Shirdi SF Express
  • 12779 - Goa Express
  • 12149 - Pune Danapur SF Express

Puntamba Junction Railway Station

Located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra, the junction lies approximately 16 km away from Shirdi. Once you have reached the station, you can hire any local transport like taxis, buses etc. to reach Shirdi. Major trains that travel to and fro Puntamba Junction are :

  • 16218 - Sainagar Shirdi - Mysuru Weekly Express
  • 22602 - Sainagar Shirdi - MGR Chennai Central SF Express
  • 11410 - Nizamabad Pune Express
  • 11409 - Daund Nizamabad Express

An Overview of How to Visit Shirdi Via Road and Airways?

Shirdi is well connected by roadways. The state government of Maharashtra also provides buses from the major cities of Maharashtra like Pune, Mumbai, Nashik etc., for a convenient journey. For visitors travelling to Shirdi via airlines, the city has its airport named Shirdi Airport. After reaching Shirdi Airport, you can travel via road to reach the temple.

Whether you choose to commute by roadways, railways or air, the journey to Shirdi promises a soul-enriching experience as you step into the abode of Shri Sai Baba 

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