Kill your anytime hunger on train with e-catering service
Train E-catering Service

Kill Your Anytime Hunger on Train With E-Catering Service

Being hungry on a train journey is a mood spoiler. It becomes more of an issue when hunger pangs hit you during rail travel. There was a time when we packed food for our train journey but the lightning-fast speed of our life deprived us of carrying those homely meals. However, e-catering services on the train have resolved the passengers’ food issues. E-Catering services to kill your anytime hunger on the train have started delivering restaurant-style food on the train. E-Catering App, an online service provider delivering restaurant-style meals on train wheels.

How E-Catering Service in Train Saves you from Hunger Pangs?

E-Catering or online catering is a service where people use the internet and food ordering apps, to place orders for their favorite food. This can be done from anywhere; the comfort of one’s home, office, or park. Once the ordered food items are prepared, a delivery executive delivers the order to the doorstep.

This same process is now replicated on the trains for the passengers. Using the E-Catering. app, rail travelers can do online food bookings on the train and their orders will get delivered directly to their seats. If you think of how to order food on a train using the e-catering app, do not worry! The process is simple and easy. 

However, it was an unbelievable concept for the people a few years back. Until now, no one could believe that there is a platform delivering delicious, healthy, and hygienic dishes on the train. But the E-Catering.App has made it possible with its online catering service. Travelers can now kill their anytime hunger on the train and enjoy the trip with a happy gut.

Ways to Deal with Hunger Pangs While on the Train

Passengers, especially kids, feel hungry on the train, which is a very common feeling every few hours. Consequently, kids force their parents to buy snacks from local vendors like chips, biscuits, soft drinks, chinia badam, etc.

However, parents/passengers usually don’t prefer buying anything from outside as they or their loved ones can get sick during the journey. In that case, another option they opt for is packing home-cooked food on the train. 

Now replacing those traditions, the passengers have the option to order food online in train and enjoy it in their seats. Food booking online on the train is now possible anywhere, irrespective of the train’s location and passenger’s phone models. The best part is that food will be delivered on the train via a contactless and safe food delivery system.

Steps That You Need to Follow:

You can avail e-catering service either online or offline.

Online Platforms:

  1. Visit the official website- E-Catering.App and follow the steps that are required or,
  2. Whatsapp your orders and travel details on the number 8102202203 or,
  3. Visit our official website and go to the contact us section or,
  4. Message us on our social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Offline Platforms:

Call us on 810-220-2203 and our representatives will always be ready to help you with your food order on the train.

Why E-Catering service Is the Safest Option for Food in Trains?

Rail passengers and the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India have repeatedly expressed concerns about train food hygiene. Sadly, no preventative measures have ever been taken to improve the situation. When people bring their home-cooked foods they don’t get the proper disposal area. All these situations lead to unhygienic conditions on the train, ultimately making people ill.

E-Catering App, on the other hand, never engages in any irresponsible behavior that endangers their customers’ health. Every step of the process from choosing to delivering the order, our FSSAI-approved restaurants practice and monitor every step until food reaches passengers’ seats.

Proper sanitization, hygienic kitchen, safe packing, and contactless delivery is what we follow to keep both parties safe and healthy. Apart from receiving tasty food, passengers get a slew of other benefits when ordering food online on the train.

Food Options That You Can Order via e-catering service in train

Who doesn’t like to have their favorite food any time of the day? This gets even more important while train journeys.

Usually, we avoid consuming junk foods and sugary items in our daily lives, from a health point of view. Travelling, however, is used as an excuse to take a shift of a few cheat days from a healthy lifestyle. This starts right from the moment we board the train; buying samosa, bread pakoda, bread omelet, etc, and continues until we reach back to our daily lives.

Below are some tasty foods you can order online on the train and get delivered directly to your seat.

  1. Chhole Bhature
  2. Paneer Butter Masala and Naan
  3. Lachha Paratha and Chicken Do Pyaaza
  4. Pizza
  5. Idli or Dosa
  6. Diabetic Food
  7. Cakes to celebrate the birthday of your loved ones
  8. Rajma Chaawal
  9. Dhokla
  10. Thali Meals/Biryani

Apart from these options, if you follow Jain tradition, you can also place Jain food order on the train. Download the Ecatering food app and start ordering your favorite cuisines in train.

So, stop waiting and start ordering because “A happy stomach leads to a happy mood”, and tasty food is said to be the hero behind this.

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