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IRCTC E-Catering: Customize Your Food Order in Train

E-Catering App, a renowned and trustworthy brand offers train passengers, a convenient system of online food ordering in train service providing quality and a greater range of cuisines during the train journey. You can now quickly and easily install the IRCTC e-catering app on your Android or iOS smartphone to receive delicious yet affordable meals on the train from a choice of culinary partners. 

Passengers can now order their favorite meals on the train via the e-catering app and customize food orders as per their choice by simply entering their travel details such as PNR number, train name, or via WhatsApp and get tasty food delivered on your train seat.

This efficient online train meal booking system not only ensures delicious food at your seat but gives you a variety in the food menu making your travel a little more enjoyable. Travelers may now enjoy a diverse range of meals at railway stations, including north Indian, South Indian, and Pizzas, as well as delectable Biryanis, butter chicken, and Chinese delights.

Customize Your Food Order Via The E-Catering App

The best part of the e-catering app which is a boon for the passengers is that they can customize their food order and get it delivered easily while traveling on a train. You can download the app on your android/iOS device or visit our official website and choose meals according to your wish and even customize it as you want.

All you need to go through is the menu and the IRCTC catering price list. When it comes to having good food on the train journey, you cannot compromise with the pantry food that is prepared under unhygienic conditions. Taste, quality, hygiene, and choice matter.

Depending on the train pantry or shops at railway stations is now a story of the past. Earlier, there used to be no options left for the people during their journey but to either carry home-cooked foods or depend on pantry cars. Pantry cars are nowhere near when it comes to following hygiene norms and foods that are served are either spoiled/ rotten or pre-cooked 4-5 days ago. However, with the e-catering app, you can customize the order whatever you need and customize your order.

Another concern on long train journeys is not having enough food, especially if you are traveling with your family, which include children and the elderly. But the e-catering app also has a solution for this. No need to go through a lengthy process or worry about food quality. Passengers only have to open the app or directly visit our official website, go through the IRCTC catering price list, customize meals as per their choice and place their orders. Rest everything from food quality to hygiene to contactless delivery is taken care of by our team.

Why Should You Order Food in Train via the e-catering app?

The logic behind it is simple. Bringing food and carrying it in an inappropriate container when traveling by rail can cause your food to spoil. Eating home-packed food for two or three days of travel is not good for your health and also not always possible to carry meals from home.

It is more convenient to order meals online and have them delivered right at your berth than to bring food from home. Food ordering through the e-catering app is simple and affordable, with hot cuisine brought to your train seat at your chosen stop, a large range of food alternatives, etc. We also cater Jain food in train for special religious community that are free from onion and garlic.

From cooking to serving hot and healthy food to contactless delivery, everything is taken care of at every single step because passenger’s health is our priority

Why Should You Choose The E-Catering App?

With multiple options in cuisines and foods to choose from and various palates to please, the e-catering app offers you food delivery in train service where concern about the freshness of your delicious food is also taken care of. Fresh food delivery on the train without sacrificing taste or cost-effectiveness is our guarantee.

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