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How Train Food Delivery Apps Can Make Your Journey Exciting

Train journeys in India are one of the most thrilling and colourful adventures. The outside scenario and the different cultures inside the train melting into one another present a new picture of life. Train vibes are uniquely different and cannot be experienced elsewhere.

The excitement of the train journey increases if you are carrying your favourite food with you. Bland food served by pantry cars on trains can spoil your travelling mood. Moreover, the substandard quality can upset your stomach. Luckily, you can now order fresh, delicious meals on board using online train food delivery apps.
IRCTC-approved food delivery in train apps operate almost all over India, serving thousands of train travellers every day. These online food outlets offer you the best food services you may need while travelling and make your journey more comfortable.

Amazing Services of Train Food Delivery Apps

A Plethora of Food Options

Delicious and fresh food enlivens the travelling mood on the train. Fortunately, railway catering apps offer you a variety of good food options to order on the train. From desserts to Maharaja thali, everything is available with just one click. Some of the most popular food options served on trains are:

  • Non-vegetarian Platter: Chicken tikka masala, egg curry, fish curry, omelette, Tandoori chicken, etc., are provided.
  • Regional Platters: Includes Kashmiri thali, Punjabi thali, Malabari thali, Rajasthani thali, etc.
  • Upvas Platter: If you are travelling during the festive season and observing a fast, you can order a pure Upvas platter offered by the train food apps.
  • Chinese Recipes: Choose from Noodles, spring rolls, manchow soup, manchurian, etc.
  • Cake: If your birthday or any of your friends’ birthdays are on the same date you are travelling by train, you can easily order a cake from the train food apps and make your birthday memorable.
  • Pizza: Yes! Online train food delivery apps offer cheesy, delicious Pizza.

Safe Food Preparation

Restaurants linked with railway catering apps are FSSAI-regulated. They ensure all the sanitary measures while preparing food are adhered. The nutrition level is maintained in different varieties of recipes. Packaging is also done in a lucrative way to avoid spillage.

Pre-book Your Meal

This feature of the railway food apps enhances the excitement of a train journey. Pre-booking meals means booking your food in advance before boarding the train. On the journey date, as your train reaches the desired station where you want your food to be delivered, the delivery person brings you the pre-ordered food on time.

Pre-booking of meals prevents hasty ordering of food. Moreover, the internet connection on trains is weak. To avoid the hindrance of a lousy internet connection, book your meal in advance.

Bulk Food Order

If you plan to travel with your friends or family members, this feature will significantly help you. Travelling with a group of people means a lot of fun and laughter. To add fun to your journey, opt for a train food delivery app, having the option of placing a bulk food order. You don’t need to order individual platters for everyone in the group. Simply call the online train food service, tell them your food requirements, and proceed with the order. You will need the following details to place a bulk food order:

  • PNR number of one of the group members.
  • List and types of food items.
  • You can also give any additional cooking instructions. 

Customise Your Order

Do you want to add any cooking instructions for the vendor? Or, do you have some specialised preference for the taste of your food? All of these are possible on railway food apps. The food app connects you directly to the vendor, to whom you can give instructions via text or phone call.

Get Your Food to Your Seat

The best aspect of booking food online on the train is that you don’t need to roam around and look for the vendor. Instead, have your food shipped to your berth, at the pre-designated station. Train food apps track the train in real-time and ensure timely food delivery.

Alluring Discount Offers

The best eCatering app for food delivery in trains offers you lucrative discount coupons that you cannot ignore. You can use vouchers like “E-catering First Order Coupon” and “Group Order Coupon” while checking out to save money on food.

Dedicated Customer Support

Online catering portals offer 24*7 customer helpline service. If you have a query about your food order or want to know your food status, you can call the dedicated number and get the necessary details.

Pay in Your Style

Train food provides dual options of payment. You can pay both online and offline. Online delivery is preferred to avoid the hustle and bustle of trains. In the event of an offline payment, keep your cash ready to avoid hassles.

How to Order Food Online on Trains

Booking food online using a food delivery in train app is very easy. Even a teenager or an older person can use this app if they have a smartphone. To order food on the train, follow these steps:

  • Open the train food app portal on the web
  • Move to the order food section.
  • Enter your PNR number.
  • Select the food items you want to order.
  • Designate your preferred choice of station for your food delivery.
  • Take advantage of coupons, if any are available.
  • Complete the payment. 

Your order will be accepted, and the vendor will proceed as directed. As the train reaches the selected station, the delivery person will locate you on your seat and deliver your meal.

Railway catering apps in India use advanced technology to locate trains in real time. The food apps offer food services in more than 10,000 trains all over India.

The E-catering App is the most fantastic train food delivery app. It offers its services across all the major stations in India. This specialised catering service goes an extra mile to serve customers by associating with top restaurant partners throughout India. If you plan a train trip, use the E-catering app to order food and enjoy your journey.

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