How to Order Pizza in Train via the E Catering Service of RailRestro
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How to Order Pizza in Train via the E Catering Service of RailRestro

Continental dish Pizza is one of the most popular foods among all age groups. Its delicious taste and versatile varieties rule the heart of many. People love to relish their favourite slice of Pizza with a perfect crust and taste anytime. Understanding this, the e-catering service of RailRestro allows train passengers to order delightful Pizza on train.

RailRestro Pizza on train is available with different toppings, including Golden Corn, Margherita, Onion, Paneer, Chicken, Tomato etc.

Four Ways to Order Pizza in Train Through RailRestro E-catering

RailRestro E-catering allows train passengers to order their Pizza on train in 4 ways:

  • Order Pizza in Train through the website
  • Order Pizza in Train with RailRestro App
  • Order Pizza in the Train through Whatsapp
  • Order Your Pizza with RailRestro Helpline Number

Steps to Order Pizza on Train Through RailRestro Website


Step 1:Visit RailRestro's official website.

Step 2:Enter Your train ticket's PNR number or train details such as train number, date of journey, and boarding station.

Step 3:Click on the "Order now" button. A list of stations of your train route will be open.

Step 4:Select your preferred food boarding station and explore the Restaurant menu.

Step 5:Choose your favourite pizza type from a wide range of Pizza varieties, including Capsicum, Onion, Tomato, Corn, Cheese, and more. Add them to the cart.

Step 6:Select other food items you want with your Pizza treat, including Coffee, soft drinks, healthy summer special drinks etc.

Step 7:Proceed to checkout. Enter the required details like your name, email id, mobile number etc.

Step 8:Now, make the payment. RailRestro catering offers various payment options, including UPI, cash on delivery (COD), net banking, cards, and e-wallets.

After the successful completion of the order process, You will receive your hot pizza delivery in train when it reaches your food boarding station. RailRestro's delivery personnel will deliver your delicious Pizza right to your seat. Savour every bite of your hot Pizza while enjoying your train journey.

Process to Order Pizza in Train Through RailRestro Mobile App


  1. Access the RailRestro Mobile App - RailRestro mobile app is available on both the play store and IOS. You can install it on your mobile phone.

  2. Enter Your Details - To order Pizza in train, enter your PNR number or train details. This will help the app in navigating your train route.

  3. Select Your Food Destination - Choose your preferred station to which you want to get your food delivered. A list of restaurants of that particular station will get open.

  4. Explore the Menu -Now explore the food menu of the RailRestro-partnered restaurants. Select your favourite food items, including Pizza and add them to the cart.

  5. Proceed with Order Process -Now, proceed with the order process by choosing the payment types and entering details.

  6. Place the Order -Now, place your pizza order and wait for your train to reach the designated station to receive your pizza delivery in train.

  7. RailRestro offers you hot, fresh, and delicious Pizza on train. Enjoy each bite while travelling.

Process to Order Pizza via Whatsapp


Whatsapp food order is a newly introduced method to get food delivery in train. It's the easiest way to order food in train. You just need to message at RailRestro Whatsapp number 8102888999. Afterwards, the WhatsApp chatbot will help you select your preferred food and food boarding station and place the food order for your train journey. The RailRestro WhatsApp food order feature works even with a weak network connection, making it convenient for rail passengers.

Order Your Pizza with RailRestro Order Helpline Number


You can also order your Pizza in train with RailRestro customer care number 8102202203. RailRestro customer care services are available 24*7 for more than 450 stations. You can call the number to book your Pizza meal or order Pizza in bulk for your pizza party on train. To order Pizza through the call facility, you just need to share your train ticket's PNR number, preferred pizza type, quantity, and food boarding station. The customer executive will book your Pizza, and you will get it delivered right to your seat at your selected food boarding station.

Tips to Order Pizza in Train

  • Order in advance -RailRestro allows rail passengers to pre-book their meals. You can schedule your pizza treat in train just after booking your train ticket.
  • Be Specific -On train, you don’t need to compromise your taste. With the online ecatering of Railrestro, you can choose your preferred size and toppings of the Pizza.
  • Track Your Order -RailRestro offers a facility to track your Pizza order. You can get the status of your Pizza from its cooking to delivery online.
  • Pay Online -To ensure you receive contactless Pizza delivery on the train. Pay online.

And in all, the most important thing is that you enjoy each slice of your round Pizza. RailRestro is known for delivering hot, fresh, and delicious Pizza in train that you must taste while journeying.

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