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How to Order Food from an ECatering App?

There was a time when rail passengers used to carry an extra bag filled with food items to eat while travelling. And that, too, sometimes gets contaminated. In that situation, passengers need to compromise their travel experience by either choosing to eat unhealthy food from local food vendors or travelling with an empty stomach. But the introduction of e-catering services on trains has transformed the food habits of rail passengers for their well-being.

Now, travellers don't need to carry a luggage of food or compromise their taste buds while journeying through Indian Railways. They can simply order their favourite food items on train and get them delivered hot, fresh, and hygienic right to their train seat. Passengers don't even need to step out of the train to get food and beverages on train.

Wondering how it's all possible? Don't worry; we have covered everything.

What is Ecatering?

E-catering services on train is a service powered by RailRestro that allows rail passengers to order varieties of food in train. Primarily, RailRestro, a train food app, is partnered with numerous restaurants in India from across the country to provide quality food at affordable rates to the people travelling through Indian Railways.

These RailRestro-partnered restaurants offer a wide range of culinary delights to rail passengers, including Pizza, burgers, regional thali, seafood, egg dishes, Mushroom recipes, Paneer delicacies, desserts, cakes and more on train. With RailRestro online e-catering, passengers can also order beverages like tea, coffee, milk, and summer special drinks on trains.

Features of E-catering App

The Railrestro Ecatering app is working continuously to transform the train food experience for rail passengers. It offers various features to its users. These are:

     E-catering app makes the availability of Varieties of food options on train for passengers.

     With it, passengers can order meals while Journeying or book them in advance as they book their journey tickets.

     You can receive amazing discounts on ordering food in train.

     The advanced AI feature in the e-catering app, makes the food order process easy. 

     The E-catering app delivers hygienic food in train, is prepared in restaurants and is delivered in excellent packaging, making it easy for commuters to consume.

How to Order Food in Train through E-catering

Ordering food from the RailRestro eCatering app is an easy process. Passengers can order their preferred food on train at their fingertips, making a delightful food experience while travelling. Here is a step-by-step guide to ordering food from the E-catering app:

     Visit the official website of the e-catering app at https://www.ecatering.app/

     Here, you can choose to order food in train either through the PNR number or train details. Note that if you choose to order food on train with train details, you will need to provide a PNR number while placing the order.

     After filling in the initial details, click on the "Order Now" button. Machine learning of the web app will fetch the information related to your train journey and show a list of stations to which you can get your food delivered. RailRestro, powered by e-catering, offers food in trains at over 450 stations.

     Explore the menu of restaurants at which you want to get your food delivered. Select your favourite food items and add them to the cart.

     Afterwards, go to the cart and proceed with your food orders by tapping on the button "Continue". You will see the order value. Here you can enter any e-catering offers to get discounts on your order value and choose the payment method from cash on delivery to the card.

     Now proceed with your order by filling up all the required details, including your contact number, name, email id, coach number, berth number etc.

     When you fill in everything, Click on the Place order button. Your food order will be placed successfully.

Now, relax, you will receive fresh, hot, and delicious food in train at the designated railway station in RailRestro's finest packaging.

With RailRestro e-catering, you can either book your meal on the journey date or pre-book your meal just like you book your train tickets. With the E-catering app Pre Booking option, you will get free delivery of food in trains.

Apart from these, you must know, with the fast-paced technology, now you can even order food in trains through the e-catering app Whatsapp number 8102888666. To get food in train through Whatsapp, you just need to send a simple message on this number and share your food requirements along with your train ticket's PNR number.  

With the e-catering app, you can order varieties of food in train for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Moreover, you can also order food in train through the e-catering app at odd hours. E-catering powered by RailRestro takes and delivers food orders in train 24*7.

So, whenever you travel by train next time, avail of the e-catering services to satiate your hunger and tastebuds.

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