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How to Get Pizza Delivery in Train?

Traveling by train is an opportunity to identify and discover new places and socialize with co-passengers. This mode of transportation allows people from all walks of life to travel throughout the country affordably. An added advantage to the train journey is that you can order your food online via the e-catering app from the restaurant enroute.

Since pantry cars have restricted options, passengers want to explore different meal options while traveling. And with the changing preferences, ordering pizza on the train is becoming increasingly popular. So, if you are the one having a question in mind about how can I order pizza in a train, here’s the solution for you.


Ordering Hot and Fresh Pizza in Train

You might have heard khushiyon ki home delivery for pizza, but IRCTC in collaboration with several restaurants and pizza brands is effortlessly delivering pizza in train for the passengers to enjoy their craving for pizza during their journey.

It is categorized as an emotional food and best enjoyed during a group journey. People of all age groups like to have it as a snack or main course. Whether a vegetarian or a hardcore non-vegetarian, you can order pizza in train and enjoy it all alone or along with your traveling partners in a group.

Pizza Delivery in Train via IRCTC E-Catering App

No one might have ever thought that ordering pizza on the train could be such an easy task. Before this, apps were available for ordering pizza only at your home, office, hostel, or college. But now, the IRCTC e-catering app has made it possible for commuters to order pizza in train from the comfort of their train seats.

Also, we follow a contactless food delivery system on the train. Pizza enthusiasts or any individual looking for a delicious pizza during the trip can easily place their pizza order on the train without any hassles. 

7 Popular Pizza Options for Train Travelers:

If it’s you the next planning for a train journey and craves pizza in train, do not worry! E-Catering app has covered pizza craving worries for you. Here’re the seven most popular and most-ordered pizzas for train journeys. 

  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Peppy Paneer Pizza
  • Margherita Pizza
  • Crisp Capsicum and Tomato Pizza
  • Golden Corn Pizza
  • Farmhouse Pizza
  • Barbeque Chicken Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni, fresh tomato, and mozzarella cheese cover the pizza base. Olives, bell peppers, and sausage balance the sweetness of the tomatoes and other components. However, people abstaining from eating beef and pork can avoid pepperoni pizza. Instead, they can choose chicken Pepperoni pizza.


Peppy Paneer Pizza

Peppy Paneer Pizza is often described as an Indian-style pizza. Before baking, a thick corn paste is spread on top of the pizza to give it a crispy texture. Before being garnished with spices, green olives, and peppers, diced paneer is seasoned with peppercorns and red pepper flakes. Ordering peppy paneer pizza through the e-catering app is an easy process. One of the benefits of the e-catering app is that you get your fresh pizza delivered right to your seat.


Margherita Pizza

Margherita Pizza is a traditional Italian or Neapolitan meal. This recipe requires extra-virgin olive oil, fresh basil leaves, tomatoes, and parmesan cheese. You can add your choice of toppings and sauce while ordering from the e-catering app.


Crisp Capsicum and Tomato Pizza

It is one of the most popular pizzas for people who enjoy vegetarian food. It’s made of yeast, olive oil, sugar, salt, and all-purpose flour, much like any other pizza base. Tomatoes and onions are uniformly distributed over the thick and soft base before baking.

For flavor, sliced onions and garlic sauce are added. People also prefer to add chilli flakes and oregano to their liking. The cheese burst option is available for those who want to add extra cheese to their capsicum and tomato pizza.


Golden Corn Pizza

Golden corn pizza is a tasty option for corn lovers. Corn, cheese, and chili flakes are spread on the base. The corn gives the pizza a great flavor. When buying Golden corn pizza, you can add more cheese to your order by selecting the cheese burst option.


Farmhouse Pizza

Farmhouse Pizza is a traditional Italian pizza with mushrooms, tomatoes, capsicum, and red onions on top. It also has mozzarella cheese, spinach, and caramelized onions on top. This is a good option for someone looking for a simple yet flavorful pizza during their train journey.


Barbeque Chicken Pizza

It’s a fantastic recipe that any chicken lover should try. BBQ Chicken Pizza is topped with barbeque sauce, chicken, red onions, and cheese. It is combined with a little barbecue sauce to keep it from drying out. Any sort of cheese can be used, but the mix of mozzarella and parmesan elevates the dish.

Try any of these heavenly pizza flavors with your choice of toppings by gazing at the endless paddy fields outside.



Q1. Is It Possible to Order Pizza on The Train?

Ans: Yes! Pizza delivery in train service is available for pizza lovers. You only have to download the IRCTC E-Catering food app on your Android/iOS device or visit the official website and place an order for your favorite pizza recipe. It serves 650+ railway stations and you can also get discounts if booked in advance.

Q2. Which is the best pizza to try on the train?

Ans: Everyone has different tastes and preferences. Some prefer vegetables, while others prefer non-vegetarian pizzas. However, if selecting food for a long and tiring train journey, you can choose vegetarian pizza options like paneer and capsicum, onion and paneer, etc.

Q3. Can I place a group order for pizza in train?

Ans: Yes! You can order pizza in train for your group through our app or via call on 8102202203. E-Catering App irctc facilitates passengers to place a group food order. It also allows passengers to customize pizza orders as per everyone’s choice. There are only a few details you need to provide to place a food order for your group:

  • PNR (Passenger Name Record)
  • Contact number
  • Date of Travel
  • Total number of passengers in the group
  • Food preferences
  • Total number of food items
  • Name of the station where you want your food delivered.

Passengers will get a booking confirmation SMS and EMAIL after the order is placed. Our delivery agent, then, will reach the mentioned station and deliver your pizza on the train. Remember to place your order at least 60 minutes before the arrival time of the train.

Pizza Delivery at Your Train Seat:

So how can anyone miss the chance of making a train trip delightful? Using the app or the official website, you can order your favorite pizza and get it delivered to your seat.

If an issue arises, please contact us at 8102-202-203, and our support team would be happy to assist you. In addition, we provide a selection of other culinary alternatives like Jain food, thali meals, biryani, etc. for travelers to enjoy their train journey.

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