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Food on Train Offers: Best Way to Save With Online Meal Order

Are you seeking a quick and savoury solution to your hunger on that long train ride? The E-catering App is all you need. Food from India’s finest restaurants and caterers may be ordered online and delivered to your railway seat. You can get your choice of Indian, Chinese, or Continental food delivered to your seat at any point in the trip by using the E-catering app.

Now no need to struggle with carrying home food or settle for poor-quality pantry food anymore. The E-catering app makes it simple for travellers to avail train meals, with varied choices and exciting “food on train offers”. Approved by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), the E-catering platform assures that the food you receive will be both high-quality and freshly prepared. If you want a wholesome meal on board, visit the vendors online portal before your next train trip.

Exciting Food Discounts on the E-Catering App!

Everyone appreciates a good deal when they vacation. When making a reservation for a dinner on the Indian Railways, we always check for discounts or coupons that could be available. In today’s technological age, diners on trains or those planning a train trip expect to be able to enjoy restaurant-quality cuisine right at their seat. To save money on the meals delivered to their cabin, customers go online for e-catering IRCTC discount codes.

E-catering App, an IRCTC-approved online meal delivery service, also offers promo codes to travellers who enjoy ordering their favourite cuisines online but are apprehensive when seeing the total price.

Here is a quick look at the deals and discounts offered by E-catering Apps:


The price of food delivered to your seat on the train has dropped to where it’s now affordable. Use the discount code BIGHUNGERFEST to save 10% on your train meal purchase.


Using the promo code RRAPP35 will save a flat Rs 35/- on your first train meal delivery. Access the RailRestro app on your Android device. Schedule your meals in advance of your trip.


At RailRestro, we take care of both your wallet and your stomach. Get free train meal delivery when you order on the train.


Are you organising a vacation for a large group, such as a family get-together or a business excursion? No train trip is complete without some foodstuffs, whether you’re thinking about a home on the holidays or just on a random day trip. When you place an order amounting to more than Rs. 1,500, RailRestro will deliver them all at a discount of 15%. By entering the code “MyGroup,” you’ll get special pricing on the ship’s gourmet cuisine.

Menu Selections on the E-Catering App

The e-catering app provides users with numerous cuisine and dish selections. Some of the foods you can order using the E-catering App are as follows:

Indian food: Popular Indian meals, including biryani, dal makhani, butter chicken, and more, are available through the e-catering app. North Indian, South Indian, and Mughlai dishes are all available to customers.

Chinese food: Typical Chinese fares such as fried rice, noodles, and Manchurian are all available on the website.

Western or Continental Food: In addition to the typical American fare, such as burgers and fries, customers can choose a variety of continental meals.

Fast food: As a bonus, the e-catering app provides a selection of popular Indian fast-food items, including samosas, vada pav, and more.

Beverages: Beverages like sodas, fruit juices, and mineral water are available on the hub.

Desserts: There is a wide selection of desserts and sweets, including kulfi, rasgulla, and more, for customers to indulge in.

Veg and non-veg cuisines: The platform ensures that clients may select cuisine suitable for their diets by providing vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Breakfast Items: Traditional Indian morning delicacies like idli, dosa, and paratha are among the many choices available through the e-catering app. Breakfast sandwiches, omelettes, and other alternatives are available to guests in addition to the full American breakfast.

Meals for long trips: Travellers on extended trips can stock up on food with the help of the E-catering App’s customised meal packages, which feature many courses and a wide range of foods.

Jain meals: Jain dishes prepared without onion, garlic, or other root vegetables, are available on the E-catering App for Jain consumers.

Food for Kids: The e-catering app also provides kid-specific meals, which feature kid-friendly choices like pasta, burgers, and more.

Nutritional Dishes: Customers managing their calorie consumption can also find diet meals on the platform. Vegetables are used more liberally, and less oil and spices are used for cooking these dishes.

Meals for Special Occasions: Customers who are celebrating milestone events like birthdays, anniversaries, etc., can also take advantage of the unique catering possibilities offered by the e-catering app. Food and sweets can be ordered ahead of time and brought to your seat during the flight.

How to Book Food on Trains Using Discount Offers from E-Catering Apps

A PNR number, as seen printed in the top left corner of the ticket, is assigned to each train passenger. Users can place orders for food from any device by visiting our website or accessing the RailRestro app from the Google Play Store.

Mention your PNR number in the appropriate box, and you will be able to view the food options offered at various stops along the route.

  1. Pick Any Restaurant and Any Item on the Menu!
  2. As items from the chosen menu are added to the shopping cart, their total prices will be shown on the screen.
  3. After completing your shopping cart, you’ll see a space to enter a promotional code related to applicable food on train offers when you click through to your final bill. It is automatically redeemable.
  4. You can access the payment page by just pressing the “checkout” button.
  5. You can settle your bill using your preferred mode.
  6. Want to pay with a non-online method? Use the cash-on-delivery option instead. Online catering orders are delivered without any added service charges.

Relax and take it easy for a while. Let the train approach the designated station. You can have your online food order transported to your cabin.

The E-catering train food delivery app offers reasonably priced online food on trains across India’s 400+ stations from FSSAI-approved restaurants. Save 30% on your E-catering app rail meal order with the promo codes as mentioned above on your upcoming train trip.

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