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What Food Items Should We Order For Dinner on Trains?

Whether for leisure or business, travelling by train is always a captivating experience and what makes it more exciting is delicious food on train. But, preparing food at home and carrying them becomes a major concern, especially when the journey is long, as with the duration of time and shift in temperature, chances are high that food will be spoiled. Here comes the ECatering app at your rescue!

The ECatering app allows users to order the best food items for dinner on trains. We deliver the food of your choice at more than 650 stations across India. If you are confused about ordering food on the train, we provide you with a list of the best food items for dinner in this blog.

Top Food Items to Enjoy for Dinner

ECatering offers food of all types at any train route you are travelling. Here is a list of delicious food that you can order and enjoy as your dinner :


Thali is one of the best options for dinner as it is a complete meal that comprises a variety of food items. You can order a Veg Thali, Maharaja Thali, Deluxe Thali or a Non-Veg Thali. In a veg thali, you get foodstuff like paratha or chapati, vegetables, rice, pickles, pulses and dessert, whereas non-veg lovers can order a non-veg thali which comprises food items like chicken curry or butter chicken non-veg food including rice and chapati or paratha.


Biryani is among the most loved dishes popular among various regions of India. Veg biryani comprises cooked rice with a blend of spices and vegetables, whereas meat like lamb or chicken is included in non-veg biryani. You can order Veg Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani, Non-Veg Biryani, Kolkata Biryani, Lucknowi Biryani or other variety of biryani of your choice for your dinner and enjoy.


One of the most popular South Indian dishes, dosa, is prepared from fermented rice and black gram lentils. You can order any type of dosa like Paper Dosa, Masala Dosa, Cheese and Vegetable Dosa etc., along with hot sambhar and coconut chutney and enjoy a steaming hot dosa for dinner relishing the flavours of South India.


Khichdi is an ideal choice for dinner as it is best to have light food during travel. It is a wholesome and nutritious dish prepared with rice, lentils, vegetables and spices. The high nutritional value and light nature of Khichdi make it the top choice for dinner by health freaks.

Idli Sambhar

Idli, along with sambhar, is another great choice for dinner as it is both delicious and nutritious. It is a South Indian dish, basically steamed rice and lentil cakes prepared by fermentation. The soft idlis with sambhar is a treat for taste buds.

Pav Bhaji

Popular street food consisting of thick gravy vegetables and bread buns makes Pav Bhaji a top choice when ordering food on the train. The lightly toasted pav perfectly complements spicy and delicious bhaji. The joy of having this popular street food as dinner while journeying by train adds delight.

Chicken Curry

Order succulent pieces of chicken marinated in aromatic spices dipped in gravy for your dinner and enjoy your food in train with rice, buttery naan, paratha or chapati. It is a wholesome meal that will keep you full for a longer period.

Why Order Food Items for Dinner on Trains from ECatering App?

ECatering services, powered by RailRestro, allow travellers to order a variety of food items. With the digitalization of Indian railways and the advent of e-catering services on trains, there has been a transition in many services, including food habits. Ordering food on trains online is beneficial for passengers in the following ways :

Hygienic Food

With RailRestro's ECatering services, you can rely on getting fresh and hygienic meals. Every food vendor associated with us adheres to the FSSAI regulations and offers high-quality food. The food is prepared in well-known restaurants and cafes, which makes it all the more hygienic than the food available at stations or sold on the train by the vendors.

Multiple Cuisines

Our ECatering services offer all your favourite delicacies and well-known dishes from other cities. You can order anything from regional dishes to food from other countries as per your choice and enjoy your dinner while travelling.

Properly Packed

Before delivering your order, we ensure your dinner packing is sealed to prevent leakage. Every food item is tightly and neatly packed, saving it from spills.

Timely Delivery

ECatering services of RailRestro have a real-time train tracking system, which ensures all deliveries are on time and at your allotted berth. You don't have to wait for vendors or step out at stations searching for food. However, you must order an hour before to avail the best services and timely delivery of dinner.

How to Place an Order for Dinner on the ECatering App?

It is easy to order food on train from our ECatering app. You must follow the given steps to get your dinner delivered to your seat :

  • Visit the official website of the ECatering app.
  • Select order food in train either through the train details or PNR number. While ordering food on train with train details, you must enter the PNR number while placing the order.
  • After filling in the details, click "Order Now". Details of your train journey and a list of stations where you want your food to be delivered will be displayed.
  • Go through the menu of restaurants from where you want your food delivered, and select your favourite food items for dinner.
  • Add them to the cart and press "Continue". You can see the order value and enter any offers to get discounts on your order and select the online or offline payment mode.
  • Proceed with your order for dinner by filling up the other required details, like your contact number, name, email id, coach number, berth number etc.

Food adds joy to train journeys and can become a memorable culinary experience. Whether you're craving regional delicacies or international dishes, we have endless options for dinner. Travellers need not carry an extra bag of homemade food or eat pantry food while travelling. Instead, they can now order delicious food on train of their choice for dinner on the ECatering app.

Download the ECatering app i.e, Best Train Food App or visit the website to explore and treat yourself to a mouthwatering dinner next time you travel by train. Let the flavours tantalize your senses and fill your journey with pleasure.

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