Contactless food delivery system in tran through e-catering app
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Experience Contactless and Safe Food Delivery on Train By E-Catering App

Going contactless is the new normal since March 2020 when the corona pandemic started creating havoc worldwide. Overcrowding on trains, especially during vacations, is a thing of the past. Pantry cars in trains and food plazas at railway stations are unhygienic and carry the risk of contaminated food and maybe non-sanitized and unvaccinated workers. No safety measures are followed at such food points. But with the introduction of train food delivery apps people are now less worried about the quality of foods. E Catering app has proven itself to be a boon for passengers. Doing business is not their only motive but to provide the best quality foods following all the safety measures.

What Is Contactless Delivery System in E-Catering App?

Contactless delivery is a new business technique. An initiative to help sustain businesses and employees from losing their jobs. It ensures maintaining social distancing by making sure there is no direct contact between the delivery person and the customer.

How Does Contactless Delivery Work in Trains via E-Catering App?

A few major advantages of food order and zero contact deliveries in trains are:

  • You will be ordering your meal without coming in contact with any human.
  • You can order your favorite meal right from the comfort of moving train.
  • Payment will be contactless. You will not have to come in contact with contaminated currencies and can easily pay online.
  • Food agents will deliver your food at your berth making sure there is zero physical contact.

What Does Zero Contact Delivery on Train Offer?

Suppose you are on a trip via train and everyone knows, that train journeys are the longest, not to everywhere but to most places. You are prone to feel hungry and do not want to order the unhygienic food from the pantry car or buy food from station premises. Now what? Stay hungry or have unsafe and unhygienic pantry food or step down to some station and have food surrounded by flies? No! You have certain benefits of ordering food in train via e-catering app.

Why to worry when an e catering app is here. You just have to go on the website, order your favorite meal, and choose the online payment option and our food delivery executive will deliver your food right at your berth maintaining zero physical contact. Food safety is also not compromised. FSSAI-approved restaurants take care of all the safety measures before and during cooking your meals.

How Food Safety and Contactless Delivery Are Maintained During the Train E-Catering Service?

  1. Temperature check
    IRCTC e-catering partner restaurants make sure no employee enters the premises before getting their temperature checked and the same is done while handing over your food order to the delivery agent.

  2. Sanitization:
  • Restaurant kitchens are sanitized at regular intervals.
  • Cooks have to properly sanitize their hands before cooking.
  • Delivery executives have to sanitize their hands before picking up the food from the food outlet and then before delivering it to the customer.
  • Delivery bags are sanitized at regular intervals.
  1. Safety measures:
    All the kitchen staff and delivery agents have to wear hand gloves and face masks. If there is a slight doubt of someone having contracted the virus and anyone who came in contact with that person, is asked to immediately leave the premises and stay in isolation for at least 14 days.

Can We Order Food While Traveling by Train?

Businesses are going online and people like it because they can order anything they want from the comfort of their homes. The same is the case with the railway food catering systemEarlier, railways stopped selling food in trains and now that they have started, people are not comfortable, firstly, that food is not enough for the entire journey and secondly, no safety measures are followed at all.

The E-catering appconsidering the concerns of everyone, has started delivering safe and healthy foods on the train that will surely be of your choice, made in a safe place, and delivered right at your seat with zero physical contact. Download the e-catering app now and enjoy contactless delivery as we care for your safety. 

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E-Catering. app is committed to delivering fresh food on a train journey from our network of partner restaurants present in 10000+ stations. Download the e catering app and order restaurant-style food on the train. We have made food ordering on train easy and convenient.