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E Catering Coupon Codes: Huge Savings on Train Food Orders

Every one of us loves discounts. Discounts on food are something we love to cherish. While travelling on a train, we always seek discounts on train food. Consequently, giving close and thoughtful attention to travellers’ aspirations, online e- catering presents food coupons and promo codes from time to time. All things considered, while on the train, travellers crave restaurant-style food. But, the thing that stops them from doing so is the whooping bill of their food. Many people are, as a consequence, reluctant to order their favourite food from IRCTC online e-catering.

However, you don’t need to worry about your bill because the e catering coupon code offers heavy discounts on food. It effectively helps to lower your food bills. E-catering App is an online food delivery giant that offers enticing discounts on train food. Group food orders are always entertained with attractive discounts. Whether a business outing or a marriage ceremony gathering, placing group food orders on the train will fetch you amazing discounts. Every food order is backed with a specific coupon code that significantly saves you money.

Compelling Discounts on Food Items That Make You Say Wow!


BIGHUNGERFEST is one of the most prominent coupon codes offered by the E-catering app. It offers a straightforward discount of 10% on your train food orders. You can opt for this special coupon code to narrow your food expenses as a train traveller. Isn’t it exciting to receive 10% off on any exquisite meal?


RRAPP35 is a thrilling e catering coupon code that offers a discount of flat 35 rupees on your first food booking order on the train. It is a welcome bonus for travellers who want to switch from pantry car meals to delicious online meals on trains. You can pre-book your food way before your train journey begins. Sounds appealing, right?


Become a bit happier as there is another special coupon code for every train passenger. BITE30 helps you save a flat 30 rupees on your food items. It is applicable for each user only once. If it’s your first food order, you will save 65 rupees, one from RRAPP35 and another from BITE30.


Are you planning a train trip with your friends, family, or colleagues? If yes, consider this thrilling coupon code. According to this offer, you can avail 15% off on food orders above 1500 rupees. Isn’t it eye-catching? Make your group members erupt in joy with appetising regional or international cuisines on the train. Use the code “MyGroup” and enjoy your hearty meal at your train seat. 


Online e-catering pays close attention to your food requirements and budget. Hence, food delivery on trains is available at zero charges. Being a train traveller, you need not pay a single penny as a delivery charge. The delivery executive will come to you and hand over your food parcel at your berth. Isn’t it hustle-free?

How to Use an E-catering App to Save on Food Orders

The upper left corner of each railway ticket contains a specific 10-digit IRCTC PNR code allocated to each passenger. You can use this PNR number to place a RailRestro food order. Choose your station and get your sealed food delivery on time. When you order your preferred meal via an online e-catering app, the process is streamlined and simple to follow.

Step 1 – Go to the RailRestro website (www.ecatering.app) or download the E-catering App from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store on your mobile device.

Step 2 – Complete the field with your 10-digit PNR number. Options for food and restaurant will appear on your mobile device or computer screen.

Step 3 – Review the menus and decide the restaurant and menu items you’d want to order from.

Step 4 – The selected items will be added to the shopping basket and the final cost will be revealed. Next to the final price, you’ll notice a place to enter promotional codes. They are instantly redeemable.

Step 5 – Choose the checkout button to be transferred to the payment gateway.

Step 6 – Choose a viable means of payment. If you desire to pay your bill in cash upon receipt of the item, use the “Cash on Delivery” (COD) option. Otherwise, pay your bill in cash upon receipt of the item using the “Cash on Delivery” (COD) option. Food delivery served to your seat will not cost you a dime.

Step 7 –  Once you’ve arrived at your final destination, your desired meal will soon reach your railway compartment.

How to Use an E-Catering App to Order Meals on a Train by Phone or WhatsApp

Step 1 – Call us at our Toll-Free Number: 8102202203. Complete the order form.

Step 2 – The E-catering App will send you a confirmation message.

Step 3 – The ordered restaurant meal will arrive at your seat.

If you are not good at surfing and using the internet, you can reach us by phone. You can WhatsApp us at the number mentioned above. Our executives will contact you and do the needful.


Train food delivery app, authorised by IRCTC, have helped people eliminate tedious tiffin-carrying processes or pantry car foods. With such amazing discounts and a wide range of food options, online foods on trains are a perfect treat for gourmets. Travelling during the festive season is a treat in itself. Online train food services come up with unbelievable coupons and promo codes. With festivals knocking on the door, use e catering coupon codes and enjoy incredible discounts.

Install the E-catering app now to try your favourite meal while enjoying the scenic views of nature. After all, a train journey is not only about covering the distance but about relishing the prospect of travelling.

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