Best online e-catering apps on Google play
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Best online E-catering Apps on Google Play

Train trips are all fun and exciting until you realize you haven’t carried food with you. Now what? Going to order that same tasteless, unhygienic, bland pantry food items? It’s time to put an end to punishing your health and ruining your travel mood. Digitalization and its ever-increasing demand have brought a few of the best e catering apps on Google Play. These apps have made journeys enjoyable as one can order food of their choice from the restaurant en route.

Whether it’s a craving for pizza, tandoori items or biryani, you can order food on the trainin a few clicks. And one of the best parts is you don’t have to wander cluelessly on the station premises. Delivery executives will deliver orders directly to your seat as soon as your train reaches the station.

Which is the best app to order food on the train?

Here are the top four of the best online catering apps to order food on the train are:

  1. RailRestro
  2. RailMitra
  3. Food on Track Web App

1. RailRestro:

Founded in 2015, RailRestro has become one of India’s most popular food delivery apps. It aims to facilitate easy and convenient delivery of healthy and tasty food varieties prepared in hygienic conditions. It allows you to order whatever cuisine or snack you want from the comfort of your seat! You can choose the boarding station, your favourite food, and the payment method according to your requirement.

2. RailMitra:

The RailMitra app is yet another of India’s best train food delivery apps. It is an all-in-one railway application, offering different services:

  • Ordering food on the train
  • Checking PNR status
  • Checking Train Schedule
  • Train Live Status
  • Train B/W station
  • Live Station Arrival/ Departure
  • Seat Availability etc.

A variety of cuisine can be ordered at more than 450 stations through RailMitra’s 2000+ IRCTC-approved restaurant partner. The app’s uniqueness of being a one-stop solution for all train-related services makes it a handy application to try on your next train trip.

3. Food on Track Web App:

Food on Track Web App offers a wide range of cuisines to train travelers through its reliable and trusted food delivery app. It has partnered with 3000+ restaurants delivering delicious and healthy food on 10000+ trains. It has a wide variety of food options, including snacks and beverages. Travelers can also get their orders customized as per their requirements and taste. Passengers can enjoy tasty and healthy food by visiting the official website or downloading the app on Android/iOS devices. 

4. E-Catering.App:

The is a well-known online catering service provider. This app is the best solution for allowing passengers to order food online on the train and satisfying their taste buds. It serves hot and hygienic food to passengers right at their seats. The is well-known for its quick delivery service ensuring that you don’t miss out on delectable treats while on the go.

How can I book Food on the train?

To order your favourite food on the train from any of the above-mentioned apps, certain steps need to be followed:

  • Select the desired app for Train Food.
  • Input your PNR and seat number.
  • Select your preferred railway station for delivery.
  • Choose from a variety of restaurants.
  • To complete the transaction, choose a payment method.
  • After payment, the food will be brought to your seat.

Things to Consider While Ordering Food on the Train

Any journey is incomplete without tasty food by your side. So why not enjoy tasty, lip-smacking, healthy, and hygienic food on the train instead of waiting to reach the destination?

But before ordering your favorite meal, there are certain tips and tricks to follow:

  1. Order from the official website or app only: There is a number of duplicate websites on the internet these days, deceiving people online. And often, people forget to double-check the app or website and become the victim of fraud. So, don’t be in a rush. Make sure to verify the official railway food ordering app or website.
  2. Enter your details correctly: It is common for people to enter incorrect information when ordering food online while traveling. So, always make sure to enter only the correct train number, PNR number, railway name, platform, and other information.
  3. Keep an eye out for deceptive practices: People usually don’t pay attention while traveling and there are high chances of getting deceived. Beware of fraudsters when conducting online transactions. Don’t get tricked while placing orders and entering financial information.
  4. Know about the Station Stops beforehand: Make sure you know at which platform number the train stops while ordering food. It is possible for you to enter the wrong platform or train details. And it may lead to missing the stop from which you had to pick up the order. So, ensure that all information is correct before booking by double-checking the details entered.
  5. Place your Order Carefully: Make sure you check everything related to your order. Do not mess up with your order. Check to see if the menu is vegetarian or nonvegetarian. You don’t want to be disappointed by the wrong order when you’re hungry and looking forward to your favorite meal.
  6. Check your once it gets delivered: There are complaints about incorrect orders or compromised food packs. There are often high chances of leakage and spoilage of food during the process of delivery. So, make sure you check your order after it has been delivered to ensure that the food is in good condition.

If you are unsure about the quality of the food, do not accept it or eat it. Because you do not want to upset your stomach or get food poisoning while traveling.

Stop eating boring and tasteless food on the train. Start ordering from these apps with ease and convenience to spice up your journey.

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