Best diabetic friendly indian foods for train journeys
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Best Diabetic-Friendly Indian Foods for Train Journeys

Does Diabetes make you forgo your favourite foods? Are you of the opinion that flavour and health cannot coexist?

Fortunately, eating good food is not impossible if you have Diabetes. Recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner suitable for those with Diabetes and still taste great are easily accessible everywhere. They’re all delicious and have low-carb counts. In addition, with some forethought, you may include diabetes-friendly snacks on any train trip you take. Some professional train ecatering services allow passengers to book their desired foods on trains in a jiffy.

What Is Diabetes and How Common Is It in India?

Diabetes is characterised by either an inability to produce or effectively utilise insulin. Therefore, glucose accumulates in the circulation and cannot enter the cells. High blood sugar levels are dangerous for the body.

Due to its disproportionate share of the world’s diabetes population, India has earned the nickname “Diabetic capital of the world.” India ranks third as a major contributor to Diabetes, with the bulk of its population between the ages of 45 and 59. Consequently, many Indians have begun preparing sugar-free cuisines rather than resorting to artificial sweeteners.

It’s common knowledge that Indian cuisine is elaborate and time-consuming to cook, full of complex flavours, and laden with oil. However, you might not be aware that the Indian subcontinent is home to a wide variety of delectable dishes that not only satisfy the appetite but are also high in nutrients and suitable for those with Diabetes.

The Best Diabetic-Friendly Indian Foods

Below you will find some Indian foods that people with Diabetes can order via ecatering apps while travelling on trains:

Paneer and Pea Curry


Paneer resembles ricotta but has a drier texture. Despite its ease of preparation, this meal is quite tasty. This curry is prepared by including spices like ginger-garlic paste, turmeric, coriander powder, and a few more for maximum health benefits. The protein content in paneer is high. As a result, it can serve as a healthy alternative to meat in vegetarian diets. Steamed rice goes well with this curry dish.

Khaman Dhokla


It's a savoury cake from chickpea flour steamed and served as breakfast or a snack. Powdered gram flour (or besan), ginger-garlic paste, curd, fruit salt, and table salt are blended to make lightweight khaman dhokla. Occasionally the crushed gram flour is substituted with some semolina.

Black Chickpea Salad


This healthy and delicious black chickpea salad is packed with protein and fibre. Black chickpeas, tomatoes, crisp onions, avocados, and spices are the main ingredients. To give the salad a sour taste, some lemon juice is used. Eat this protein-packed black chickpea salad for breakfast or as a healthy snack any day.

Green Lentil Soup


Moong dal, often known as green lentils, is a popular vegetarian protein source. To make the soup, the green lentils are boiled in water with a bit of salt. Green lentil soup cooked in an onion-tomato sauce is a hearty meal best served over steaming rice.

Masala Bottle Gourd


Lauki, or bottle-gourd, is a popular and nutritious vegetable in Indian households. It is an excellent choice of diet for those with Diabetes. Being low in glycemic index and gluten-free, it's a suitable alternative. Bottle gourd is prepared in several ways. Often, it’s cooked with some tomato paste and salt. A masala version is one more tasty dish you can have with bottle gourd. Bottle gourd is bland, but when seasoned with spices, it becomes delicious.

Spicy-Dry Bitter Gourd


One of the vegetables native to India that helps those with Diabetes is the bitter gourd, often known as Karela. Bitter gourd’s high antioxidant and anti-diabetic composition allow it to assist in our body’s blood sugar regulation. Bitter gourd juice, produced daily, has reduced the occurrence and intensity of hypoglycemic bouts in people with Diabetes. You can also consume a dry dish using bitter gourd in addition to the juice. It is prepared by slicing and then cooking the pieces with onion, tamarind, and spices.

Whole Grain Roti/ Parathas


Indian flatbreads like roti are great options for people with Diabetes because they're both healthy and filling. You can consume it alongside a meat meal, a salad, or a bowl of soup. Flour made from whole grains has high fibre content and is safe for those with gluten sensitivities. Roti, often known as Indian bread, is produced from a variety of flours and grains. Also, Parathas cooked in a small amount of oil or ghee are a great choice for diabetics.

Paneer Kheer


To sate your craving for something sweet, you can choose from various tantalising Indian dessert dishes. As a sweet treat, Paneer Kheer is both nutritious and delicious. This recipe helps stabilise blood sugar levels since it uses low-fat paneer, nuts and natural sweeteners like dates. As a bonus, drinking low-fat milk satisfies your calcium needs without adding to your calorie consumption.

People with Diabetes should stick to a diet low in refined carbohydrates and sugar. All of these tasty dishes are suitable for people with Diabetes.

Myths About Diet and Diabetes

While Diabetes is very common, there are many misconceptions regarding the disease. There is a large list of items diabetics should stay away from. However, diabetic diets can include several desserts and sweets. We aim to bust these five myths to make life with Diabetes a little less rough.

Carbs are harmful

This is the most widespread fallacy. There is a standard assumption that diabetics should avoid carbohydrates. Although carbohydrates can affect blood sugar levels, a person with Diabetes is not required to avoid them. What is required is to select the proper kinds of carbs and consume them in moderation.

Pick millets, including foxtail, Baja, and rage, and whole grains like brown rice and wheat. These are great. After all, they help regulate blood sugar because they include a lot of fibre and water-soluble vitamins and minerals.

You can't consume fruits

While a person with Diabetes should limit their fruit intake, this is not because of their sweetness. Fruits provide large amounts of fibre and many beneficial nutrients like the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants they contain. Always consider eating raw fruits rather than fruit extracts. Fruits are healthy but can cause a blood sugar increase if eaten too soon after a meal.

While Diabetes can have serious consequences for one’s health, it can also be manageable naturally. Avoiding health disasters is as easy as sticking to a diet suitable for your body’s needs and for managing your diabetes! Picking appropriate diabetes foods for train journeys is essential whether you’re taking a short overnight trip or travelling across the country.

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