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Best App to Order Food in Train: Top 5 Things to Consider

Taking a train trip is an adventure in and of itself. If you’re travelling a great distance, it can also be a very exhausting one. Finding decent food when travelling on trains is one of your main obstacles. Thankfully, this issue can be resolved by resorting to the best app to order food in trains.

When riding the rails in India, you can use one of many train food delivery app to place a meal order. These apps are made to improve the quality of your trip by giving you access to a variety of in-flight meals that can be conveniently delivered to your seat. To help you get the utmost benefits from the best train ecatering app, we’ve put together this guide.

What to Look for in the Best App to Order Food in Trains

There are several applications to order meals while riding the rails. Unfortunately, not all apps are made equal, and it may be challenging to figure out which is ideal for your situation. Food delivery apps for trains can make or break your trip. So here’s a review of some things you should consider in the best app to order food in trains.

Restaurant Considerations


The number and variety of dining options should be your top priority when deciding on a train food delivery app. Different applications may offer a varying amount of restaurants to choose from. 

Another consideration is whether the food delivery service has tie-ups with IRCTC- and FSSAI-approved restaurants. This will ensure the hygienic preparation and timely delivery of meals without sacrificing freshness.

Menu Selections


The app’s menu selections are the next thing to think about. Some apps may include a small selection of dishes, while others may offer a large array of cuisines. You should consider if the app gives comprehensive descriptions of each menu item since this might aid in your decision-making process when placing an order.

Pricing Criteria


The cost of the app is another critical issue to contemplate before making a final decision on a food ordering app. Fees for meal delivery via smartphone can vary widely, with some apps charging more than others. Check the updated prices for several apps to obtain the greatest bargain.

Estimated Delivery Time


When choosing a meal-ordering app, it’s also vital to think about how long it takes for deliveries to be made. If you’re on the road and running behind schedule, finding an app that can get you your food or other items as quickly as possible is crucial. Nevertheless, some applications may have a larger percentage of delayed or cancelled deliveries than others, so it’s crucial to consider the delivery service’s dependability.

Methods of Payment


Last but not least, think about how you’ll be able to pay within the app. While some apps may limit users to using only credit cards or mobile payments, others may accept a wider variety of payment methods. Make sure the app supports your preferred mode of payment.

How to Operate Train Food Delivery Apps

Choose the Appropriate Ecatering App

Selecting an appropriate app is the first step towards enjoying the many benefits of the best app for train meal ordering. While many apps offer food delivery, not all are designed with train travel in mind. Get an app like RailRestro, or RailMitra designed for delivering food to rail travellers. These applications provide a more varied menu, accommodate special diets, and speed up delivery.

Setup an Account and Sign In

After deciding on the appropriate app, you must sign up for an account and log in. Your name and contact details are usually required during the registration process. If you want your food delivered to the right train and seat, you need to ensure that the information you provide is valid and current.

Provide Your PNR Code or Train Number

The next step is to disclose your train and boarding date or PNR numbers. This data is essential for the food delivery staff to find your train and bring your meal to your seat. Be careful to input the right train and departure date when making your meal reservation. Submit this information and have your meal shipped to the train seat.

Have a Look at the Menu Option

After settling on a train and a seat, it’s time to peruse the offerings. Foodies will be pleased to know that vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available on the top train food ordering app. Breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks, and drinks are typically offered. Take your time looking over the menu and choosing the dishes that sound best to you. You may save money and eat more healthily with the help of several apps’ combo meals.

Confirm Your Food Selection

After deciding what to eat, the next step is to place your order. You may place an order with most meal delivery apps up to two hours before the train is due to arrive. Remember to specify any special instructions, like food allergies, when placing your purchase. 

Continue with the Order Payment

You can now proceed to the payment page to complete your order. Cash on delivery, debit/credit card, net banking, and e-wallets are all accepted payment methods on the top train food delivery app.Opt for the most suitable method of payment. Delivery employees may not have spare change if you opt for cash on delivery, so have the precise amount handy.

Monitor Your Order's Progress

The best food order-in-train apps allow you to track your order’s movement from food preparation to final delivery. You may check the current location of your delivery from the mobile app and see exactly when it was sent out for preparation and when it was delivered.

Have Your Food Served to You

The following stage, after your food has been delivered, is to take a bite. Verify that you have received the right order and that everything you requested is included in the meal. You can get in touch with customer service if there are any problems with your order. The finest food-ordering app for trains has a support staff ready to answer your questions at any time of day.

When travelling by train, it can be challenging to place a food order if you aren’t familiar with the available cuisines or don’t have access to a wide selection of eateries. However, the convenience of the train food delivery apps make eating on the go a breeze. You no longer have to get off the train at each station to find something to eat; instead, you can use the best app to order food in train right to your seat.

Get hot, freshly prepared meals delivered directly to your seat using the eCatering app service. We only work with IRCTC- and FSSAI-approved restaurants that adhere to the highest cleanliness and safety standards when preparing and serving their delicious cuisine. 

Obtain the ecatering App for your smartphone to relish the choicest dishes during train trips.

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