Best indian winter food to keep you cosy on train rides
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9 Best Indian Winter Foods to Keep You Cosy on Train Rides

In the winter, people celebrate with parties, feasts, and trips to warm climates for the holidays (Christmas and New Year’s). Winter is the ideal time to combine two of life’s greatest pleasures: eating and travelling. What do you think about this? If you appreciate winters, taking a trip around the country via Indian Railways is the best way to enjoy the season to the fullest. You can relish Indian train rides the most by using the online train e catering service.

Top 9 Winter ‘Food in Train’ Options

As the body’s temperature rises during metabolism, eating foods that take longer to digest is preferable in the winter. Reduced daylight hours have been linked to an increase in hunger. Here’s a list of 9 best online food in train options to keep you warm this winter:

  1. Palak Paneer

  2. palak-paneer

    The meal that nearly every north Indian loves is the richly nutritious Palak Paneer. The palak is boiled before the spices and paneer are added to finish cooking the dish. This hearty meal is excellent for the colder months because it is both healthy and comforting.

  3. Panjiri

  4. panjiri

    The dish is made using almost the same supplies as Gond ke laddu, including wheat flour, ghee, and dry fruits. Panjiri is identical to Gond in every way except for its lack of a Gond and its irregular shape. It’s great for keeping you cosy on cold winter nights thanks to its delicious flavour and warming properties. Every ingredient used in this delicacy has some associated health benefits.

  5. Laapsi

  6. laapsi

    Yet another Indian dessert for the wintertime. It’s a typical dish with roots in Rajasthan. This recipe relies heavily on broken wheat pieces, ghee, raisins, and nuts. If you are a sweets and desserts lover, you should try this feast, and everyone who hasn’t should at least consider it.

  7. Sarson Ka Saag

  8. sarson-ka-saag

    It’s a staple food in the Punjab area of northern India. Mustard and spinach paste is the main ingredient in this recipe, besides the aromatic spices and ginger. It’s excellent with Makki ki roti, but you may use whatever kind of bread you like. Adding white butter or ghee to the Sarson ka saag takes it to a new level of deliciousness.

  9. Gajar Halwa

  10. gajar-halwa

    Red winter carrots are used in this dessert dish. The grated carrots are boiled with sugar, milk, and cardamom. During the winter, nearly every home in north India prepares this popular sweet delicacy. Almonds and cashews make a delicious topping for this halwa cooked in desi ghee.

  11. Gond ka Ladoo

  12. gond-ka-ladoo

    During the winter, another dessert prominently consumed in northern India is Gond Ladoo. Ingredients like dry fruits, ghee, whole wheat flour, and Gond (edible gum) are manually shaped into balls by hand to create this dessert. This ladoo preparation is nearly a ritual throughout the colder months. They are gratifyingly filling and have a significant amount of nutritious content.

  13. Thukpa

  14. thukpa

    Thukpa, a popular noodle soup from Indo-Tibetan cuisine, features a delicious broth topped with sautéed vegetables, mutton, or chicken. It’s one of the top wintertime cuisines in India due to its adaptability and flavour. The Nepalese Thukpa is fairly spicy; however, some versions are milder with a garam masala. This hearty noodle soup has a velvety texture that melts on your tongue and warms you up on cold winter days.

  15. Rogan Josh

  16. rogan-josh

    Kashmiris adore their mutton curries, and this winter, you must taste Rogan Josh, a speciality of the region. The lamb in this meal is cooked with aromatic Kashmiri spices to give it a delicious flavour. It’s one of the best Indian winter recipes, guaranteed to make your mouth swim and keep you toasty warm inside. Rogan Josh is best when served hot with jeera rice or roti. Order this delicacy from the e catering app to level up your upcoming train trip experience on the Indian Railways.

  17. Dal Baati Churma

  18. dal-baati-churma

    This interesting trio of Rajasthani dishes is a staple among the local cuisines and is renowned for both its simplicity of preparation and lip – smacking flavour. The dish consists of crunchy batis bathed in ghee, served with a spicy dal and a sweet Churma. Baati is traditionally accompanied by hot daal cooked in pure ghee and Gatte ki Sabzi. Go to a restaurant serving Rajasthani cuisine this winter to enjoy its deliciousness.

This winter,make your train journey memorable by indulging in some mouthwatering treats on board. Don’t wait any longer to wrap yourself in the warmth of new and tantalising flavours from India. If you’re an international tourist travelling on Indian railways, make the most of these local winter cuisine.

How to Pre-Order Food on Trains

When it comes to food on train services, the E- catering app is among the most well-known options for delivering meals on board. Passengers can utilise the app’s IRCTC-authorised food delivery service to place orders for a variety of meals. Also, it’s possible to obtain meal deliveries at nearly all India’s main train stations. The online caterer also provides coupons for discounted meals. The vendor’s app also features regional thalis, such as the Haryanvi Thali, Kumaoni Thali, Punjabi Thali, South Indian Thali, Jain Thali, etc., in the menu list.

Procedure for ordering food on a train:

  1. Arrive at the page on your browser.
  2. Text your email address or phone number to log in.
  3. Submit the PNR number.
  4. Pick among your preferred meals.
  5. Opt for your preferred location to have food brought to you.
  6. You may now complete your payment. There are both online and offline payment options available.

The process is complete. A nutritious and delicious lunch is on its way to your seat, so please be patient. With this e catering service, you may also reserve meals in advance of your vacation. If you are riding along with a large group, you can place bulk food orders.

Feel the warmth of winter foods on the train while you traverse across India this winter season. E- Catering App is your go-to meal delivery solution for train journeys. Order from your favourite restaurants via this wonderful app and lose yourself in the diverse flavours. This is the most popular option for passengers looking for quick and easy meal delivery while riding the rails.

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