7 Popular Dishes Named After Their City of Origin
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7 Popular Dishes Named After Their City of Origin

Do you enjoy exploring past events? Or perhaps you’re curious about the history and development of a favourite dish. If so, here’s a list of foods inspired by where they were invented. Even though we know the name of the food, we may not know where it came from. You will be astounded to learn that seven Indian dishes are named after the cities where they were first created. Moreover, you can order these exciting and flavourful dishes online via a Railway catering service and relish them while travelling on IRCTC trains.

7 Food Items Named after Their Origin Cities

Have you ever wondered why certain dishes take on the names of specific cities? If that’s the case, we’ll discuss the origins and thrilling journeys of seven meals named after a city or town.


Moradabadi Dal

This Dal variety is present on the menu of any Uttar Pradesh hotel. Moradabad is the inspiration for this dish's name. There is a legend that the Afghan king Murad Bakhsh was the first to cook this dish. Let us add that Murad Bakhsh, who founded Moradabad in the 17th century, is also responsible for the dish's widespread renown.


Indori Poha

The Holkar and Scindia dynasties are credited with making poha, a popular dish originating in their kitchens. Indori Poha, which sounds like the name of the city Indore, is thought to have been developed before 1947 (when India gained independence). The recipe is typically unique to each vendor. In contrast, it is served with a variety of namkeen, spices, and other foods from Central and Northern India.


Hyderabadi Biryani

Have you ever looked into the origins of this famous dish from Hyderabad? Then, how about we discuss the origins of Hyderabadi Biryani? You should be aware of the fact that Hyderabad is renowned as the city of the Nizams. The Nizam kings of Hyderabad are believed to have created biryani, which went on to become known across India as Hyderabadi Biryani.

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Agra Ka Petha

Have you been to Agra without trying their famed petha? Without the "Agre ka petha," your journey would not have been complete. The Mughal emperor once requested a dessert as pristine and white as marble, and his chefs delivered it. Shah Jahan, the ruler of the Mughal Empire, discovered petha in this way, and he and his wife, Begum Mumtaz, quickly became big fans.


Bikaneri Bhujia

A popular crisp snack named after the city of Bikaner in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, these snacks are created with spices, moth beans, and gram flour. In 1877, under the reign of then-current monarch Maharaj Dungar Singh, this bhujia was reported to have been manufactured for the first time; after that, it allegedly became known as Bikaneri bhujia throughout India.


Ramassery Idli

Your stomach will be rumbling for more after you've sampled these exquisite idlis. Ramassery idlis have their roots in Palakkad which is home to the well-known idlis resembling dosas. This fluffy delicacy stands out thanks to its exceptional flavour and unusual size/shape, making it an actual celebrity. These idlis are more like dosas in size but much softer. Adding a little bit of hot chammanthi podi, a spice blend, to some coconut oil and eating the resulting meal is a culinary revelation.


Bengali Aloo-Posto

Do you agree that potatoes improve the flavour of whatever dish you add them to? One of West Bengal's most well-known cuisines, aloo-posto (Bengali potatoes), is a popular vegetarian option. This dish is straightforward and delicious with freshly chopped potatoes and poppy seed paste. People often use posto (poppy seeds) since it aids in sleep and calms the mind.

It’s no secret that India has innumerable tasty cuisine. There are well-known dishes from every region of India that are bound to make everyone’s mouth water with just their names. While the cuisine of different regions is undoubtedly tasty, learning about the stories behind their names is half the fun. It’s worth noting that the origin of the name of many a culinary delight is traceable to a specific location. It’s so well-known that you may even find it under a different name in other states.

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