7 monsoon dishes to order in train
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7 Monsoon Dishes to Order in Train from the E-Catering App

Monsoon is about to hit the Indian mainland which saves us from scorching heat. Also, it is one of the best times to explore monsoon-loved locations via train. There are people who like to explore new locations, especially during the monsoon season, and want to enjoy the best food served on their train seats. Similarly, if you are thinking of going on an adventure by train, then the e-catering app is there to add a cherry to the cake by providing you with your favorite monsoon dishes on the train. 

Craving to have special monsoon dishes on the train but can’t have pantry food? It is an ideal season for having chai, pakora, samosa, etc. but what to do when you are traveling by train? Not to worry. You just have to download the e-catering app on the Android/iOS device or visit our official website and order from the vast variety of monsoon foods.

Order Monsoon Special Food in Train from E-Catering App

How nice it would be to have a cup of hot tea with snacks like pakoras or samosa to enjoy the beautiful scenery from the train window? It is easy to satiate these cravings when you are at home. But having quality snacks on the train is a tough task.

The E-catering app is here to fulfil your wish by making online food ordering on the train an easy task. With this app, passengers can book meals on the train, get them received at their chosen station, and enjoy their trip.

Few monsoon dishes and snacks to enjoy monsoon train trips are:

Aloo paratha:

A north Indian dish made of mashed boiled potatoes filled in wheat flour dough and baked on fire is one of the most famous dishes to have during the rainy season. Your enjoyment will have no bounds when you will receive it on your train seat. Thanks to the e-catering app to make the journey foodi-licious.

Pakoras and Tea:

Pakoras have special importance in Indian snacks. We all have fond memories of eating pakoras with chai on the balcony with our loved ones on a heavy rainy day. To satisfy your craving for chai pakora during your train journey, the e-catering app is ready to fulfill your wish as they provide the best food in the rain with a contactless and safe food delivery system in train. Enjoy your monsoon train journey.

Pav Bhaji:

Indian dishes are packed with flavors and textures that have become famous worldwide. Pav Bhaji is not a snack; it is an emotion available in every Indian street. Thick curry containing different vegetables and masala and served with soft bread rolls is one of the best options for monsoon dishes to order on the train journey. 

If you get a sudden craving during your journey to have a pav bhaji, it’s the e-catering app you need to download or visit our official website and place your order. You can also avail of group food order in train service where you can order snacks for the entire group to enjoy your monsoon snacks.


Samosa is an all-time favorite evening snack of all and along with tea. The flaky triangle-shaped pastry stuffed with spicy potato, chicken, or other veggies is a popular snack not only in India but worldwide. You can find samosa shops on every Indian street served with chai and people flock during the rainy season. But what to do when you are on the train? Not to worry, because the e-catering app has it all arranged for you. Order now and enjoy online food delivery in train service.

Chicken Cutlet:

Marinated chicken rolled in bread crumbs, dipped in a spicy batter, and deep-fried in hot oil. In simple words, chicken cutlet can be a good snack for train journeys. Order chicken cutlets with ketchup, yogurt dip, or mint chutney through the e-catering app, and have it on your train seat.

Steaming Momos with Red Chutney:

Steamed momos with spicy red chutney have a different fan base all over India. People visiting hill stations especially have steamy momos and enjoy the snow. However, craving knows no season and might strike at any time throughout your monsoon train journey. Don’t torture your taste buds. E-catering app will deliver the best momos for you in train.

Litti Chokha:

Prepared by whole wheat dough balls, either baked or fried, and served with chokha made of mashed roasted eggplant, potatoes, and tomatoes is a famous Bihari/UP snack or main meal. It tastes even better on a rainy day.

So, if you are thinking of traveling during monsoon and like to try different regional dishes, the E-catering app is here to fulfill your wish. Just download the ecatering app or on our official website, order from the available restaurants shown on the app, and enjoy your journey.

Monsoon is considered the peak season on Indian railways and train journeys let you enjoy all the beautiful landscapes either traveling alone, with family, or in a group. This enjoyment gets doubled when you place your online food order on the train with the e-catering app, because who wants to carry extra luggage and get drenched while trying to save the luggage.

Why not order your favorite monsoon dish on your preferred station without getting overcharged like pantry foods. The best part is you can customize it as per your wish. So go ahead, download the e-catering app from the play store/app store or visit our official website and enjoy the monsoon train journey.

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