7 best food options for train journey during festive seasons
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7 Best Food Options for Train Journey During Festive Seasons

Festivals bring sensations of excitement and happiness. They turn our relaxation mode on when we like to have a get-together with friends and family.

As the festive season arrives, the rush on trains increases. Some people choose to go back home to celebrate festivals with family and friends, and some prefer to visit pilgrimage sites or tourist sites. Train journeys bring up confusion about what to eat while on the train. Pantry foods available on trains are either monotonous or unhealthy. They might spoil your festive mood. If the journey is a long one, food becomes a major issue. However, the E-catering online services on the Indian Railways has brought a sigh of relief. Now you can enjoy multiple varieties of food on a train with the e catering in train option.

7 Festive Food On Train Options

Isn’t the thought of ordering food on the train thrilling? Below is the compilation of the seven best foods to order on the train during the festive seasons.

Upvas platter

During festivals, especially Navratri, most people prefer to fast. Fasting helps us detoxify our bodies, but staying hydrated and healthy while fasting is also important. If you are taking a train during festivals and observing a fast, you need not worry anymore about the food.

You can order healthy and nutritious Upvas thali from the online food services of IRCTC, which makes your fast more enjoyable. Generally, Upvas platters consist of Kuttu ka dosa, sabudana khichdi, fruit chaat, paratha made of Singhara flour, Makhana kheer, Kuttu Ka Halwa, and so on. You can also order a bowl of milk on the train.


Festivals like Holi are beyond imagination without having Gujiya on your plate. The crescent-shaped dumplings filled with khoya, cream, and dry fruits are more popular in the Northern States. Doesn’t the thought of Gujiya make you feel your mouth watering? Here is the best part. You can order Gujiya from e-catering services on the train and turn the fiesta mode on.

Sweet Delicacy

There would be no exaggeration if sweets were considered synonyms for the festive mood. Whether going back home during festivals or going to a tourist site to celebrate, you can always order delicious sweets like Rasmadhuri, Gulab Jamun, Petha, Barfi, Ladoo, Soan Papdi, etc., on the train. Sweets ordered from www.e-catering.app are healthy and nutritious.

If you’re calorie-conscious, you can order healthier sweets like Dink Ladoos, peanut Chikki, and Phirni, which are low in calories.

Chole Bhature

A little bit of spicy flavour, along with sweets, is all that you need to enlighten your gala mode. Chhole Bhature is a highly demanded dish during festivals, especially Holi and Baisakhi. Deep-fried puffed bread and rich gravy Chickpeas are delectable in themselves. Interestingly, you can order a plate of Chhole Bhature during the festive season on the train via e-catering in train platforms.


Samosa is the favourite snack of most Indian families. They bring a sense of completeness to festive seasons. With an e catering in train service, you can order a triangular-shaped crispy Samosa filled with mashed potato and spicy Chatni to make your journey more beautiful during festivals. Along with samosa, do not forget to order a cup of tea to make your journey more thrilling.


Crispy and deep-fried snacks with mesmerising tastes are an unavoidable part of festivals, especially in the southern Indian states of Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala, and Andhra Pradesh. The food ordering services of Indian Railways take care of your festive feelings and make this delicious snack deliverable to you. You can order Murukku on the train while travelling and begin the celebration on your train journey.

Indian Platter

Apart from sweets, festivals in India embrace all the flavours, from spicy to savoury. If you want to have a whole platter for lunch or dinner, e-catering services offer you the benefit of ordering an Indian platter on the train. Tandoori roti, naan, Biryani, mushroom or paneer curry, and salad are typical items on an Indian platter. The cravings double if you order a shake along with the platter.

How To Place A Food Order Online On Train

The E-catering app is one of the most renowned food delivery in train companies.It provides an authorised irctc e catering app service that allows you to order multiple dishes during festivals. You can book food at all the major Indian stations. Additionally, it offers discount coupons on dishes. Regional thalis like Haryanvi Thali, Kumaoni Thali, Punjabi Thali, South Indian Thali, Jain Thali, etc., are also available on this website.

Here are the steps to ordering food on the train:

  1. Navigate to www.ecatering.app.
  2. Log in with your email ID or phone number.
  3. Enter your PNR number.
  4. Select your favourite dishes.
  5. Choose your desired station to get food delivery.
  6. Proceed with the payment. You can pay online or offline.

It’s all done. You must now wait for a healthy, delicious meal to be delivered to your seat. Another great feature of the e-catering service is that you can pre-book your food before the beginning of your trip. You can also order food in bulk if you are travelling in a group.

Meals on wheels are like boons for travellers. Why should you miss the celebrations when you have the e catering in train service to satisfy your cravings on the train?

Order your favourite dishes from the E-catering app during the train ride and let the festivities embrace you. You can order food in the train with a toll-free number in the app too.

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