Ordering Food on A Train
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5 Benefits of Ordering Food on A Train Using The E-Catering App

Why do you need to pack food for the train journey when you have the e-catering app to serve you the best food during the train journey? Your search for delicious food on the train comes to an end when you have an e-catering app through which you can order the food of your choice at any time during the journey.

So, if you are the one bewildered about which is the best food delivery app on the train, you can undoubtedly trust the e-catering app as your only food partner providing restaurant-style tasty food on the train. Where tasty food delivery in a running train was once a dream, the e catering app has a well-structured and systematic setup that works for passengers to order and deliver the best food on the train journey. 

Why is e-catering app beneficial for food delivery on trains?

Hot, fresh, and Hygienic meals:

With the e-catering app, you can easily order food for a train journey through simple steps. As a result, you get fresh and tasty food served right at your seat. All our restaurant partners are FSSAI-approved and prepare your food with utmost care and hygiene.

Meals for Every Taste and Group

There’s no limitation on the variety of meals provided by our restaurant partners. They have varieties like North Indian, Chinese, South Indian, Punjabi food, desserts, breakfast items, etc. Also, if you are traveling in a group, we accept group food orders of any size. 

Convenient Food Ordering System:

E-catering app is user-friendly that makes food ordering easy and convenient. We have easy-to-play options including COD and a variety to add and edit in your cart.

Safe and on-time Delivery

We cook, pack and deliver your order safely and on time. You can enjoy your food on your seat directly.

Order delicious food online from the e-catering app and let your journey be a true foody celebration.

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E-Catering. app is committed to delivering fresh food on a train journey from our network of partner restaurants present in 10000+ stations. Download the e catering app and order restaurant-style food on the train. We have made food ordering on train easy and convenient.