ECatering App - Order Your Favorite Restaurant Food on Train Journey

The ECatering app service is a dedicated online catering service in train system through which the passengers can order fresh food during the train journey. The ECatering app is the online food ordering app that has an ultimate focus on delivering hot and fresh restaurant-style food on trains to the passengers. Being the biggest food aggregator for train catering services, our food delivery platform offers restaurant-style food to the train passengers on the route they are traveling. We set you free from carrying that extra luggage having food items and connect you with the restaurants en-route to book your meal online. The ECatering app is all set for you to make food decisions when traveling by train by avoiding the unhealthy pantry food cooked in unhygienic surroundings. When it comes to resolving food needs for a train journey, the ECatering app is the only solution to ordering fresh and hygienic food.

Why Choose ECatering App?

Apart from being a one-stop solution for all food ordering and delivery-related services on the train, the ECatering app specialized in accepting customized food orders in the train journey that no players in the market serve to their customers. When you need to customize your food as per your taste, our portal allows you to order food of your choice present on the menu along with food of your taste and preference. All you need to do is to add instructions while ordering food and adding them to the cart. You will get the food of your taste and instructions. Also, we deliver in 10,000+ trains and 600+ cities.

ECatering App has made food ordering convenient on Trains

Gone are the days when tasty food was restricted to brick-and-mortar restaurants in the city. Passengers traveling by train can use ECatering. app and can order food directly from top restaurants in the city. You can easily book food online during the train journey whenever you want. There are three reasons why the ECatering app has made online food ordering on train easy and convenient:

♦ Our portal is easy to operate and user-friendly:

What ECatering app focuses on the customer end is their delightful faces when they see food of their choice delivered on their berth. It is possible only through our user-friendly ECatering app that facilitates passengers with its smooth navigational features to order food along with payment. It is very easy to handle and operate which is loved by travelers.

♦ You Get a variety to Order from The Menu:

There are a variety of food items that you can see just by entering your PNR number. Click on the restaurant menu and you will get the list of food items that you cannot resist ordering. It gives you a change from the distasteful pantry food and tastes the flavors of the states from where your train is about to cross.

♦ Contactless Delivery option

Passengers can choose from contactless delivery options where your food is delivered with safety keeping in mind the covid-19 protocols. Your order is placed on your berth/attached table and our delivery executives sanitize their hands before the delivery cycle starts.

If you are the next planning a train journey and are worried about food concerns, do not choose pantry car food as the last option. ECatering app is ready for your service. Choose from 3000+ restaurants and order food online instantly while enjoying the natural essence outside.